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Allison Puryear

SimplePractice saved Allison time on administrative tasks, which enabled her to increase her client load by 20% over two years.

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Allison Puryear’s experience as a therapy client changed her life for the better, and drove her into a satisfying career as an LCSW. Allison specializes in treating clients with eating disorders by helping them navigate through their traumas and moving forward to a better life. With SimplePractice, Allison can put 100% of her focus on her clients and growing her business.

On life before SimplePractice:

When I first started out, I had a part-time private practice in a city where I was known for my niche. But then, I moved across the country to a totally different city where I knew nobody. I felt as prepared as I could be… which was not that prepared. There weren’t a lot of resources out there for building practices. I knew I was going to make it work, it was just a matter of figuring out how.

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Why SimplePractice:

Oh my gosh. I feel like my Abundance Practice Building business would not be where it is today if I hadn’t discovered SimplePractice. It made my business so much more streamlined and has taken the extra administrative work off my plate. My process got exponentially easier with SimplePractice in a way that reduced my stress and the time I was spending on those kinds of things, so I could really focus on my clients and building my other business.

When I started using SimplePractice I was very impressed with the clean design. I transitioned over from literally four systems, and SimplePractice handles all of it. The transition felt like a relief.


On the SimplePractice community:

Right before I started using SimplePractice, I had ramped up my efforts building my consulting business. As my life got busier, both at work and at home, things started falling through the cracks. One of my colleagues mentioned SimplePractice as a possible solution.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by really helpful, generous colleagues. We all want each other to do really well, so we share information and resources. I feel like that’s part of how SimplePractice has spread through our community here in Asheville. There were a few early adopters in the area and everybody who started using it was like, “this is amazing,” so the word spread.

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