2 Ways to Connect with the SimplePractice Community

Written by Gillian Wu on July 30, 2018
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At SimplePractice, we’re focused on Community — connecting private practitioners to one another to share best practices, provide mutual aid, and overcome the loneliness that many entrepreneurs face when starting a new business venture. Our goal is not just to build great software, but also to help health and wellness professionals grow and sustain their private practices, so providing opportunities for our customers to connect is important to us.

As a member of the SimplePractice Community, you can connect to others in two main locations: The SimplePractice Community on Facebook, and The SimplePractice Community Forum in our web app. While each platform is a little different, both are great resources for our customers and the SimplePractice team.

Join the Community on Facebook

The SimplePractice Community on Facebook connects over 2000+ highly engaged SimplePractice customers and provides a great resource for everything private practice. Whether you seek answers to questions about SimplePractice, tips on building a better practice, or inspiration for marketing your private practice, the SimplePractice Community on Facebook has it covered. The Community on Facebook is a great place for quick questions for your colleagues – like what CPT codes to use and when, how to handle no-shows, and best practices for billing insurance.

The amount of intelligence, creativity, encouragement, and camaraderie here is really fantastic!” – Kari Silverberg, LMFT

Visit the SimplePractice Community Forum

Recently, we launched the SimplePractice Community Forum, a place where our customers can connect to share note and form templates with each other, communicate thoughts and suggestions to the SimplePractice team, and bounce questions and ideas off one another. The Forum is also a place where all 25,000+ SimplePractice customers can come together to share insights and connect with the SimplePractice Product and Insurance Specialist teams to get support.

Both The SimplePractice Community on Facebook and The Community Forum provide outlets to create and sustain communication between the SimplePractice team and private practice customers. Community members can post ideas in the forum, then upvote and add comments to their colleagues’ suggestions. Our Product team reviews the Ideas and Suggestions board regularly to better understand our customer’s needs and expectations. Through these channels, the SimplePractice Product and Design team can see feedback on new features and learn from our customers in real time.

Community means more to us than simply moderating a group or hosting a forum – it means creating meaningful connections between customers so that those customers can learn from one another and help each other grow.

Want in on the fun? To join the SimplePractice Community on Facebook, just search “SimplePractice Community,” fill out a quick application, and request to join the group! To join our Community Forum by visiting “My Account > Join Our Community” in the SimplePractice web app, or visit community.simplepractice.com. Thanks for being a part of our Community!

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