5 Classes to Set You up for SimplePractice Success

When you learn how to use SimplePractice now, you set yourself up for success later.

Learning a new EHR platform is a crucial investment in your business—as important as creating a website, listing your name in a directory, or hiring a medical biller. Whether you’re switching to SimplePractice from another EHR or coming from pen and paper, our team understands that there’s a learning curve. We’re here to help you learn the platform, every step of the way.

We’ve seen thousands of customers with different levels of experience master (and love) SimplePractice. When you fully understand how to use the platform, you’ll be more organized, efficient, and enjoy a streamlined workflow. We’re making it simpler for you to learn through onboarding classes and videos!

Where to start:

1. Getting Started with SimplePractice

Short on time and learn best by exploring the product yourself? This class is a great starting point. It covers the basics of using SimplePractice. From here, move on to additional classes that get more feature specific.

It was a great overview. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to technology, so I really appreciate the explanations and seeing so many areas of the website that have additional videos to watch! Thank you!” 

—Dr. Peggy Brewer

2. Insurance Billing with SimplePractice

Accepting insurance is a great way to get more clients (and help more people). We know it isn’t always easy, so this class helps you enroll in claim filing online. Then, you can create, submit, track, and reconcile claims from one place! Once you’re set up, attend the live Insurance Q&A class with our veteran Insurance Specialist, Dustin, who has seen it all!

Thank you for offering both recorded videos for review and a live class so it makes me sit down and learn things at a specific time and ask questions in real time. It has been a year and I have no regrets to becoming a SimplePractice user. I have played with—but not actually plunged into—becoming my own biller, but your program gives me the option, and I am edging my way towards that.

—Colville Counseling

3. Online Booking

Clients often choose the first clinician to accept an appointment with them. Never miss an appointment request with Online Booking! You’ll also learn about customizing the Client Portal for your clients, ensuring a professional and seamless experience.

You guys are so patient, knowledgeable and always have the answer. Thank you! As I am getting more used to navigation, I am realizing just how simple SimplePractice is to use. 

—Susanne Goldstein, LPC, NCC

4. Client Billing and Automation

Explore the different billing documents available within SimplePractice and how to automate sending them. You’ll also learn about our popular AutoPay feature, which runs a client’s card automatically each night so that you save time and keep track of unpaid sessions.

Great webinar with lots of good information. SimplePractice does a great job of offering helpful info! Very impressed so far! 

—April Emeigh, PLCSW

5. Client Intake Forms

A professional, customized, online intake form is how you’ll make a great first impression with new client. Walk through the pre-built notes and forms templates in our Template Library and learn how to customize your intake forms.


Live classes vs. pre-recorded videos:

You live a busy life, so we have on-demand content for you to watch whenever you choose. All of our pre-recorded video classes cover similar content to the live classes, but at your convenience. Pause, take notes, and test things out in your own account as you watch.

During the week, live classes are available Monday through Friday and are taught by an experienced Product or Insurance Specialist. Ask questions alongside other customers in real time and have them answered on the spot. Live classes are particularly useful for customers with more unique practice needs and want a little more help from our team to set things up.

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