New: Appointment Billing Improvements

Written by Phillip Ziff on July 31, 2018
What's New: Unit Billing and Multiple CPT Codes

Unit billing gives you the freedom to bill the way you’d like.

Billing in SimplePractice just got better, faster, and more comprehensive. With unit billing, you have even more flexibility when it comes to billing your appointments–add multiple units of a single CPT (service) code, or combine different ones. You can also include various add-on codes with your appointments to account for unplanned extensions.  

Check mark over text: Unit Billing Enabled.

We’ve removed limitations and streamlined the billing process so you can use the billing workflow that works for you. In the past, you had to create multiple appointments on the calendar and use workarounds to bill more than one CPT code for an individual appointment. Now you can manage your billing from a single calendar appointment, which will save you time and keep you more organized. Learn more about how to use unit billing in SimplePractice. 

A better billing workflow

You can’t always predict how a session will go–variables come up and you may need to bill for an extended session or a different code from what you had originally planned. Now your billing will more accurately reflect what happened during your session.

SimplePractice Services page with "Bill this code in units" box checked, and popup text.Unit billing empowers you with the tools that you need to bill the way you want. Units aren’t associated with a specific timeframe, so you can charge as many units as you’d like without being restricted by the minute count. All units that you add to a session will automatically be added to insurance claims and superbills, so you no longer need to make manual adjustments.

Keep in mind, insurance companies won’t necessarily reimburse you based on the way you choose to bill a session. You should still speak with an insurance payer or professional biller to make sure that you use the appropriate codes on your claims. (See guidance on how to bill for an extended therapy appointment).

With this commonly requested new feature, we’re happy that SimplePractice now better supports practices with more complex billing needs.

Need extra help with insurance billing or cleaning up your account? Our SmartBilling Pro experts are here to help.

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