Better Batch Insurance Claim Filing

Written by Phillip Ziff on July 17, 2018
Insurance billing page in SimplePractice zoomed in on specific appointments.

How long does it take you to file your insurance claims? SimplePractice customers save thousands of hours on insurance billing using batch claim filing. Now it’s even easier to submit claims for multiple appointments with one click.

How do you file insurance claims?

Are you submitting claims to insurance payers online, or gasp, still printing out paper forms and filling them out by hand? If you’ve ever submitted insurance claims online, you know how much time this can save.

Here at SimplePractice, we continually improve our platform to help make insurance claim filing easier and faster. Earlier this year, we added smart error messages to our batch claim filing feature. SimplePractice reviews each client’s profile to ensure that you’ve entered all of the necessary information before you can file a claim for that client. If you’re missing any information we’ll display an error message, which tells you what needs to be fixed.

Insurance claim filing page, arrow pointing to missing information in client's profile.

Our latest update gives you even more flexibility and control over how and when you file. Now you can select which appointments you’d like to exclude from your batch claim submissions. This means that when you’re preparing to submit your claims, you can easily prevent the system from creating and sending claims for specific appointments.

Insurance claim filing page in SimplePractice with arrow pointing to checkbox for excluding an appointment from insurance claim filing.

Why would I want to exclude an appointment?

  • Insurance payers may have special requirements. Some payers require modifiers on claims for certain types of appointments. This feature lets you hold those claims so that you can submit the bulk of your claims together, then focus on the outliers afterwards.
  • You want to create a record of the claim in SimplePractice, but don’t need to send it to a payer. Maybe you’ve already submitted a paper claim, and you’re waiting for your enrollment. Perhaps you’re submitting an EAP claim for a client, and don’t need to send this claim through SimplePractice.
  • You’re in full control over which appointments you’d like to file, and which you’d like to wait to review.

If you’re still filing claims individually, now is a great time to give batch claim filing a try–reduce repetitive tasks, get all your insurance filing done at once, and save hours of time!


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