Who We Are:

Our blog is a community of health & wellness professionals passionate about creating change in the lives of their clients. Together we’ve curated a collection of insightful and heartfelt pieces about building a better business and helping your clients.

Our Audience:

Our readers are a mix of long-time SimplePractice customers, interns gaining experience, solo-practitioners building their practices, and more. They crave authentic and relevant advice, stories of shared experiences, and inspiring reads on ways to keep improving.

What We Need:

While we can write all the content in the world about the latest and greatest updates to SimplePractice, there’s a greater need for pieces written by health & wellness professionals and thoughtful individuals who want to share their ideas and stories with our community.

This is where you come in. You are a skilled writer interested in contributing original articles and essays to the SimplePractice blog. Our goal is to maintain a content mix that includes the following areas:

  • Health & Wellness Professional Lifestyle. eg: avoiding burn out, maintaining cultural sensitivity, improving your practice, loving your work, etc.
  • The Business of Private Practice. eg: marketing your practice, managing your finances, etc.
  • Technology. eg: your favorite productivity apps, how you use SimplePractice, etc.
  • Timely & culturally relevant topics. eg: how politics and other current events affect your clients, treatment plans, your own experiences, etc.


Are you passionate about health & wellness and need an outlet to share your perspective?

We want to hear from you!



How it works:

Shoot us an email with a few ideas about an article you’d like to write for our blog. Feel free to be brief, or go all out with an outline- whatever works for you!

We’ll sort through your ideas with our editorial team and set up a time with you to discuss details & timeline. You can ask us any questions you may have, and we’ll do our best to help you develop your piece.

When you write your article, keep in mind that max word count is 800. We absolutely love short and sweet, but use up all 800 words if you need!

Our editorial team will work with you via Google Docs to help you make your post the best it can be.

Please provide us with a 50 word bio and headshot (max 500 x 500). Feel free to include any relevant links, like your website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Here’s an example:

Send us any images you’d like included in your post. A header image, and also images to disperse throughout your post. If you’re having a hard time finding images, we happen to have awesome designers on our team that’ll work with you to whip something beautiful up.

What happens next?

The fun part happens after your post goes live. We’ll share your work on all of our channels and with our network and hope you do the same! We want as many eyes on your post so share it to your heart’s content. With friends, family, your favorite Facebook groups… the possibilities are endless! We’ll work with you to create a distribution plan that gets your writing the most exposure possible.

Thanks for your interest in writing for the SimplePractice blog.

We can’t wait to publish your stories!