An Important Update from the Customer Success Team

Written by Alex Marrache on December 19, 2017

Your support experience is getting an upgrade.

We constantly reevaluate our processes and channels in order to provide you with the best possible support experience. In an effort to shorten response times and decrease the number of back-and-forth emails, we’ve updated the way that you initiate contact.

Instead of emailing to ask a question, you’ll now fill out this contact form instead:

This way we’ll have much more information right up front so we can get your question answered ASAP. Be sure to bookmark this link! You can also access the form on our Help Center homepage by clicking the “Click here to ask an expert” button.

Why did we make this change?

This new process improves your support experience in key ways.

1. Get better, faster responses.

You’ll still be able to reply to emails that our Product Specialists send you, but all initial requests will go through our contact form.

In the past, we found that customers wrote to support@simplepractice from different email addresses, making it more difficult to track their previous interactions. Some requests would even be duplicated and split across multiple emails, doubling our team’s efforts for the same issue and slowing response times.

2. An experience tailored to you.

The contact form helps us get to know you better.  We’ll be able to pull up your account more quickly and collect needed critical information. By accessing your past requests more readily, whoever helps you will have the full context of your experience so far.

The form helps make the best use of our Product Specialists’ time to assist you instead of managing and administering email communications.  We’ll also be able to track your requests and use that data to improve our Help Center resources and determine what product updates and features you find important.

3. It paves the way for more live support.

This year, we’ve increased our live support opportunities, providing daily Question & Answer sessions, more  1 to 1 onboarding sessions, and video calls for more complicated and escalated issues. In 2018, we plan on augmenting these programs, adding even more opportunities for live support. Submitting requests through our Help Center makes it easier for us to keep all of your info in the same place so we can guide you to the appropriate specialist and support channel.

Using the contact form is the first step towards a better customer experience. We’re looking forward to a more streamlined, organized support process with enhanced live support opportunities in the new year!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out here.

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