Insurance Billing Just Got Simpler

Written by Will Morales on January 24, 2018
Insurance List Update

We’ve made it a lot easier for you and your clients to select the correct insurance payer.

The Insurance Providers list has been updated so that you can now see each insurance payer’s name as its own, separate entry. In the past, a payer entry would include all of the different insurance providers’ names associated with it in a single block of text. This made select the correct one a bit confusing.

billing settings before

Now, you will see that all of the insurance company names are listed individually, rather than grouped together. Also, your clients will be able to see this list when they’re entering their insurance information through the Client Portal, which will make their lives a lot easier.

billing settings after

This update will make selecting the correct provider much clearer, decreasing the number of claims that are rejected due to selecting the wrong insurance payer.

insurance before

insurance providers after

This update makes it easier for your clients to select the correct payer when filling out their intake in the Client Portal:

client pov before

client pov after

Pro Tip:

If you’re unsure which one of two names to select, pay attention to the payer id. If both of the names you’re looking at have the same payer id, then it doesn’t matter which one you select–they’re both the same payer!


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