Insurance Feature Updates in 2018

Written by Phillip Ziff on April 6, 2018
Insurance Round Up 2018

Our product team is always working hard to improve SimplePractice. You may not notice all of these updates and enhancements, but each one helps make SimplePractice smoother and easy to use. This past quarter, we released quite a few improvements to our insurance features. In case you missed them, here’s a quick review.

Batch claim filing improvements

It’s always been easy to create and submit a batch of insurance claims using SimplePractice. Sometimes, however, claims wouldn’t get created for certain clients because they were missing necessary insurance info.

Now, if a client is missing info, you’ll see exactly who they are and what info needs to be updated as soon as you try to create the claim. You can then click directly to their page to add the missing info. These improvements make it so much easier to find and fix claim errors, and we’re excited to release them.

Insurance batch claim filing improvements overview.

Improved insurance provider search

Now it’s much easier to search for an insurance payer name and payer ID. Just start typing into the search box, and you’ll see a list of payers, clearly separated, below.

Insurance Payer Search SimplePractice

Easy access to the Session Billing Status report from a client’s Billing page

Now you can jump directly from a client’s billing page to the Session Billing Status Report. No need to go through multiple clicks to the Insights page. This update lets you quickly investigate and solve any billing discrepancies you may find in a client’s profile.

Session Billing Status Report Link from Client Overview Page

Prior authorization tracking

It just got easier to keep track of your clients’ prior authorizations. Record multiple prior authorization numbers in a client’s profile. We’ll auto-populate these numbers on insurance claims for you, and even remind you before a number expires.

Multiple diagnosis codes on claims and superbills

Now you can add multiple diagnosis codes on insurance claims and superbills. This was a highly requested feature, and we were happy to release it for our customers.

Insurance info display on client Overview page

Now you can see your client’s insurance info right on their Overview page, rather than having to click through to their client info. Having this info handy has already saved customers valuable time when they contact insurance payers.

Insurance info displayed on client overview page.

Insurance claim status indicator on client Billing page

Now you can see claim statuses directly on a client’s billing page. This makes it easier to see whether or not claims have been paid, without having to go into each individual claim.

Client insurance claim status displayed on billing page.

Fewer claim status emails

Our goal is to keep you informed, but not overwhelmed by the amount of emails that you receive, so we removed some of the claim status emails. Now you’ll get important updates about claims without flooding your inbox.

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