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Written by Phillip Ziff on June 29, 2018
Online Booking Update! Clinician web page with iphone displaying calendar.

We’ve made a few updates to Online Booking to give you more control and create a better experience for your clients. Here’s what changed:

We’ve improved the process for new client access to the Client Portal.

  • Now Client Portal invitations are sent to new clients only once their appointment request is approved.
  • This simplifies the intake process for potential clients.
  • You have more control over when new clients can access the Client Portal.

The Booking Widget code is more responsive.  

  • You can now add the code to more places on your website.
  • We’ve improved the way it works for your clients on some older browsers.

Online Booking by SimplePractice office locations.

Service code fees will no longer display for each available appointment.

  • There was overwhelming demand from our community for this update, which makes the Online Booking experience on your website more consistent with Online Booking in your Client Portal (fees never displayed there).
  • Now you have more flexibility with how you and when you communicate your appointment fees.
  • Keep potential clients focused on scheduling so they’re more likely to complete the appointment request.
  • More control for group practices! Now group practices, with multiple clinicians who offer different fees, will be able to share rates at their own discretion.

We integrated the booking widget the moment it was available on our website. It was so easy to implement and immediately added the functionality we needed to make the new client experience seamless for us and them. Thank you SimplePractice for making this valuable tool available to us!!

Amy Price, LCPC & Jeff Price, MCP

Best Practices for Online Booking (from the SimplePractice Community):

    • Keep it simple. Share your appointment rates on one page or in a specific section on your website, and use clear, direct language when communicating your fees. This makes it easier for potential clients to see all your fees at a glance.
    • Don’t add your insurance rates to your fees page. Many customers only talk about their base fee on this page and ask clients to contact them for more info about insurance rates.
    • Add the Booking Widget to your website. The two pages that clients visit the most are your homepage and your fees page, and they’re usually ready to book right after viewing them.
    • Share your calendar in a prominent location, so it’s easy for new clients to find it and request appointments. Placing the booking widget near your fees section will provide more context to help clients decide to book.
    • Set your Availability in SimplePractice to repeat each week, so you only have to do it once. You can always make adjustments to a specific day or week if your schedule changes!
    • Set up Secure Messaging, so new and existing clients can reach out to you securely with any questions they may have about their appointments.

Using Online Booking on your website is a great way to get more clients. Learn more about how to grow your practice and get new clients here.

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