Set It, and Don’t Forget It: Our New 2-way Google Calendar Sync is Speedy and Dependable

Written by Phillip Ziff on June 1, 2017

Let’s be honest for a second: calendar syncs can be a headache. Most often, a 1-way sync is the only option. These calendar syncs rely on subscribing to Calendar URLs, and calendar apps don’t support them very well. That’s why we’ve done a thorough investigation of direct, 2-way calendar syncs and found that Google Calendar provides the best, most reliable option for your needs.

After talking to many of our customers, we learned that Google Calendar is where you do a lot of your personal scheduling, and SimplePractice is where you keep all of your client sessions. Now you don’t have to jump back and forth—you can manage your entire schedule in Google. This way, you can reschedule client appointments and block off time in your business calendar without leaving your Google Calendar app.

Our new 2-way Google Calendar sync is our fastest, most reliable sync yet. Unlike a typical 1-way Sync, which relies on a calendar subscription, the 2-way Sync creates an actual “SimplePractice” calendar right in Google! The calendars are directly connected: Google updates instantly with all appointments that are created in SimplePractice, and vice versa.

As soon as your meeting, or lunch date, or yoga class comes up, add it to your “SimplePractice” calendar in Google, and it will block off that time for you in SimplePractice as a “non-client appointment.” No need to make a note to remember to add it later.  If you’re using Online Booking, this will hold that time slot for you immediately so your clients don’t request a conflicting session.

Minimize your mental to-do list by cutting down on the places where you’re recording and re-recording information. Google Calendar also works in offline mode, so you can update your calendar when you’re not connected to the internet. Once you connect and your Google Calendar updates, so too will your SimplePractice calendar!


“I do a lot of work during my commute including setting up my schedule for the week. It’s convenient and efficient to be able to plan life on google cal and know it will automatically sync over to SimplePractice in one easy and familiar process. Whether I have a doctor’s appointment, just booked a workout class or have travel plans, I no longer have to worry about remembering to log in to SimplePractice to block out the time. I can do it right then and there. It saves a lot of time and provides me with peace of mind in regards to scheduling.” – Deanna Richards, LMHC


Google Calendar also makes it easier to share your appointment info with your colleagues while still maintaining client privacy. If you’re in a group practice, or even sharing office space, it’s easy to share your calendar with other members of your organization, using all of the great tools that already exist in Google Calendar. No more sharing your calendar subscription link! The 2-way Sync provides the highest level of flexibility and control over how and when to share your schedule.

We know that many of our customers appreciate how convenient it is to use a mobile device to juggle personal and business schedules throughout the day. You’re already on your phone or tablet, so we’re meeting you there. That’s why we created the SimplePractice app to make it easier to manage your practice on the go. While the SimplePractice app is fast, rescheduling appointments in Google is even faster since you don’t need to log in. Our new 2-way Sync will save you time and streamline your process, because when you’re running a private practice, every second counts!

Give it a try. Set up your 2-way Sync with Google Calendar now!

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