How We’re Making SimplePractice Even Better

Written by Trevor Hanson on September 14, 2016

Here at SimplePractice HQ, we’re constantly working on updating our product. Our job is to make your life easier by making SimplePractice as robust and seamless as possible. We thrive on customer feedback, whether it be a rave review or a note about what we can do to improve.

We want to be as transparent as possible with you, our customers. That’s why we’ve come up with a new way to communicate all of the little (& big!) things we do every day to make SimplePractice even better. Here’s The Latest- our first ever roundup of product updates!

  • Calendar and Availability Improvements galore! We’ve updated the calendar to make it easier to read at a glance and have made it so that you have more control over your availability. Click here to learn more.
  • Our text editor has been added to more places in SimplePractice so you can format your text when writing notes and documentation.
  • We’ve made refinements to how our Mobile apps sync so that you get your data quicker.
  • The At-A-Glance section in your client’s billing overview is now easier to understand. Client Received is now Client Payments and Insurance Received is now Insurance Payments. Same info, just easier to understand.
  • Now when you’re going back and forth between billing or insurance documents, the date range remains the same as what you selected before. No more re-selecting the date range you’re working on!

We also spend our time fixing things:

  • The orange “Now” indicator on the calendar has been fixed so that it works properly with the Practice Time Zone.
  • We fixed the way Diagnosis and Treatment Plans display when you’re working on Progress Notes.

Have questions about SimplePractice? Leave a comment below or find your answers in our help center!

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About the Author

Trevor is the Support Team Lead at SimplePractice. His focus is on the customer and making sure they get the support they need to have the best experience possible with SimplePractice. Trevor lives in Los Angeles with his extremely photogenic dog Max. Oh and he’s helplessly addicted to Instagram.

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