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This position requires a content creation specialist with an emphasis on great taste and high output. This role will be responsible for taking our well-defined and unique voice and using it to orient all of our marketing communication toward customer acquisition, brand awareness, or feature adoption. Experience with conversion optimization, nudging, and the language of decision-making is a must.

About You:

Having a perspective on content strategy is a plus, but success in this role will be measured by the quality of the content created, the resourcefulness to take ownership over projects, and the ability to meet deadlines that are collaboratively set and agreed upon. To consistently deliver at a high level, candidates should have experience creating all types of marketing content:

  • web pages (branding & conversion pages)
  • product/benefit messaging
  • email
  • PR
  • blog
  • SEO
  • whitepapers
  • gated/high-value lead generation content
  • PPC ads
  • display ads

This candidate will need the internal drive and resourcefulness to learn our product, our customers, and the specific voice we’ve created in order to work autonomously. In order to constantly improve the efficacy of our content, this candidate will need to proactively seek feedback and opportunities from data, customers, and collaboration with our internal team. This candidate will work directly with Howard, our CEO, to execute on his vision and learn our brand voice. With time, experience, and demonstrated accountability, this person will earn the responsibility to lead more of the strategy and marketing direction.

*To apply, portfolio of work and short exercise required*

Send an email to and include:

  • 1) PDFs or links to samples of your great work.
  • 2) To help us understand your taste in marketing communication please send 2 lists:
  • A) Examples of communication by 5 different companies you think do a great job communicating their brand, features, and benefits, and why their work is great.
  • B) Examples of poor communication by 5 different companies and why you think it’s poor.

About SimplePractice

We build software that helps health & wellness professionals run their private practice. We’ve helped thousands of professionals by offering intuitive, people-centric software that’s totally focused on running a business and helping patients. That’s what our customers care about so that’s all we care about. We know this because we value relationships and constantly speaking with customers is the only way to deliver a great product. We’re a growing startup founded by a successful entrepreneur who was a therapist himself at one point in his career.