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The team at SimplePractice is seeking a skilled medical biller with extensive knowledge of insurance claims filing and resolution. You’ll handle daily medical billing tasks and join our highly ambitious SmartBilling Pro team as we develop innovative ways to improve the medical billing experience for private practices. A startup mentality is mandatory – no job is too big or too small and you’re obsessed with delighting customers. You’ll be evaluated on your ability to execute all aspects of routine medical billing for a high volume of valued customers. This position will report to the SmartBilling Pro Manager.

What You’ll Work On:

  • Create and file insurance claims electronically and via paper on a daily rotation to ensure all of our customers maintain a steady flow of revenue, finalizing all claims
  • Work directly in our customers’ SimplePractice accounts to fix scrubbing errors
  • Identify missing or incorrect customer/client information and proactively reach out to them in order to get the issue corrected and the claim filed in a timely fashion
  • Correct and resubmit rejected and denied claims by accessing provider portals and calling insurance companies to identify needed corrections
  • Submit secondary claims
  • Post insurance payments and make manual adjustments as needed, utilizing Simplepractice payment reports, EOB’s, provider portals and provider phone lines to obtain missing or needed information
  • Submit timely filing and appeals letters
  • Identify the correct payer when sending claims for a new client and when insurance policies have been added or changed
  • Address client questions and concerns within 24 hours via email (no PHI), phone, or the secure messaging portal in SimplePractice
  • Create and maintain customer specific insurance profiles for each customer account
  • Work with our clearinghouse Eligible to assist customers with EDI and ERA enrollments, track missing electronic payment reports and address payer connection issues
  • Complete full audits of customer accounts
  • Maintain 100% HIPAA Compliance and best practices at all times

About You:

  • 5+ years experience in medical billing, preferably working with Mental Health and Wellness individual and group practitioners
  • Firm grasp of the rules, regulations and common pitfalls of medical billing. You know the tricks of the trade
  • Lots of experience with commercial insurance companies and Medicare
  • Knowledge of common denial and rejection reasons and codes
  • Fluent understanding of insurance terminology and the ability to translate information to customers in a way they can understand
  • You know how to deal with insurance companies on the phone
  • A self starter who can keep track of goals and complete daily tasks quickly, correctly and efficiently
  • Skilled at navigating provider portals to track down information you need
  • Adept at interpreting EOB and ERA payment reports and applying them to accounts
  • Knowledge of the entire claims lifecycle process
  • Dedication to great, speedy customer service
  • Never leaves a claim in anything less than a finalized state

Bonus Points

  • Experience using SimplePractice
  • A passion and love for the health and wellness space
  • Enjoys working in a fast paced team environment

About SimplePractice

We build software that helps health & wellness professionals run their private practice. We’ve helped thousands of professionals by offering intuitive, people-centric software that’s totally focused on running a business and helping patients. That’s what our customers care about so that’s all we care about. We know this because we value relationships and constantly speaking with customers is the only way to deliver a great product. We’re a growing startup founded by a successful entrepreneur who was a therapist himself at one point in his career.