Paul Krauss Counselor - discusses his experience with SimplePracticePaul Krauss Counselor - discusses his experience with SimplePracticePaul Krauss Counselor - discusses his experience with SimplePractice

Why Dietitian Adrien Paczosa chose SimplePractice

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About Adrien

Adrien Paczosa knows that being an entrepreneur isn’t always second nature for a clinician. In addition to helping other dietitians establish their practices, Adrien loves to treat eating disorders, addiction, mental health, developmental disorders, all from the non-diet, health at every size approach. With SimplePractice, Adrien had the tools at her disposal to help create better access to dietitians.

My life before SimplePractice

I always tell people that before finding SimplePractice, my practice was held together with band-aids and dental floss. I was of the mindset of “how can I do this for super cheap?” I wish somebody would have told me not to do that because it’s not worth it. I spent more time and even more money that way. I had, probably, five different systems going all at once. One for billing, one for scheduling, one for reminders, one for bookkeeping, one for — it would make my head spin. It was so horrible. It was awful. It was a total hot mess that took up a lot of time. As far as the price, it didn’t look like much money because the trials were free and I only used those free aspects. If I look at how much it cost of my time – holy hell, that was a lot of money.
For about eight or nine years, I was using all of these different systems and driving myself bonkers. It was one of those “I hate having all of these systems” moments, and it was time for the group practice to come together properly.
There were a couple of things I needed in my EHR and client management software. In trying to find and evaluate platforms, I’d ask my friends what they were using? What had they tried? What do they like? What do they not like? I’d use Google reviews to identify products and then sign up for a free trial. Of course, nothing has everything, but the important questions that I would ask myself were: is there a calendar integration, how is the charting — I love that you can load previous chart notes to a current chart note that you’re working on. I wanted to see if it had insurance billing.
I researched many different platforms and decided to go with SimplePractice.

“The SimplePractice interface is so pretty. It just flows. Your UX designer? I want to give them a big hug.”

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Why SimplePractice

I found SimplePractice six months ago, and I moved over 100%. The SimplePractice interface is so pretty. It just flows. Your UX designer? I want to give them a big hug. They are awesome. The user experience is just great. It flows well. It integrates so many pieces including billing, scheduling, and chart notes. I look forward to doing more Telehealth because Texas is enormous, and SimplePractice has now made Telehealth easy. So many people are underserved in so many areas. I’d love to do more of it. So long as it’s in the state of Texas, Telehealth tends to be covered by insurance.

On the SimplePractice Community

The little “help” icon in the corner is great. It always feels like SimplePractice has my back. If I didn’t know how a feature worked, I could always ask someone — I didn’t have to figure it all out on my own. With the other platforms, I’d have to go in and see what I could figure out. SimplePractice, and the SimplePractice Community, really helped me to save time which meant that I was also saving money.

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