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SimplePractice saved Jill time and money on billing, which helped her create deeper connections with her clients.

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Jill Shook is an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist who thrives on enriching her clients’ lives through speech therapy. She also provides valuable resources for parents and other SLPs who want to start their own practices. She did an extensive evaluation of fifteen different EHRs (and even created a guide!), before ultimately choosing SimplePractice.

On life before SimplePractice:

After a couple years in practice, I needed help with billing. I started using a billing company that my friend recommended, but they required me to do everything on paper. Insurance would send me a paper EOB, and I would have to fax the company a copy of it. They would bill it, and then the EOB would get sent back to me, and it was just this whole process that took a lot of time.

Once I realized how much time and energy this was taking I thought, ‘I’m paying you guys ten percent of every claim to not do very much at all.’ Ten percent is fairly normal, but on the high end. I was paying them all of that money and not really saving much time. I started looking at the price of EHRs and how much I could save by submitting my own claims, and decided I needed to do this on my own!

Billing was the primary reason I needed an EHR, but I also wanted something that allowed me to store my paperwork online instead of keeping paper files like the dark ages. In hindsight, I wish I had started storing my notes and appointments electronically three years ago!

On choosing an EHR:

I basically typed in ‘EHRs for SLPs’ in Google and then went through all of the EHRs that I could find, which was not very many. At the time, the only EHR that marketed to SLPs charged $150 a month for a single practice, and that was completely out of my price range.

I created a chart (that I include in my course) that compares 15 EHRs on several features like billing fees, whether they have additional fees on top of their monthly fee (which almost all of them do), whether they have a client portal, what the credit card integration is like, and then any additional benefits that they might have. I noticed immediately that some of the EHRs were too expensive, so then I realized I had to decide what my budget was.

The goal was to save money and time. When it came to budget, I looked at what I had been paying per claim through my billing company, and decided that would be the absolute maximum that I would spend. I wouldn’t look at any of the EHRs that cost more than that, so the companies that were $150 a month were out.

Setting up a demo for 15 EHRs is a lot of work. So I tried to weed out everything that wouldn’t work for me right off the bat. I also put together this guide to help others make their decision.

When I started using SimplePractice I was very impressed with the clean design. I transitioned over from literally four systems, and SimplePractice handles all of it. The transition felt like a relief.

Customer Story Jill Shook

Why SimplePractice:

SimplePractice has better features than any other program that I looked at, and is available at a reasonable price. Really the only other EHR that came close was way too expensive for a single practitioner to afford.

SimplePractice has features that others don’t provide, like the Client Portal and paperless intakes. Using the Client Portal adds an extra level of professionalism that I wish I had used from the beginning. With other programs, Speech-Language Pathologists would have to pay for an EHR plus add-ons or use a completely different system so they could have paperless intakes. It’s pretty amazing that SimplePractice includes them. Also, using automated appointment reminders seems so much more professional than me having to text my clients.

The billing in SimplePractice seemed very simple to me, and the ability to add in your own CPT codes provided flexibility that other systems didn’t have. Flexibility also played a factor with creating different forms. This was an issue I had with other EHRs: they don’t let you format things the way that SimplePractice does. I like that SimplePractice lets me customize things like forms, reminders, and messages, so when therapists tell me about the limitations they experience with other EHRs, I recommend that they try SimplePractice.

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