SimplePractice Top Features:
Paperless Intake Forms


In this video from our Help Center, Natasha walks you through the steps to review and customize the template intake forms, or import your own. Follow along to quickly create a 100% paperless intake process for your practice. 
Our Customer’s Favorite Feature

When you ask a SimplePractice customer what their favorite feature is, they will undoubtedly say “Paperless Intakes!” Why? 

“I don’t have to print out paper forms – clients just do it all online and it seamlessly integrates with the platform, so I have it available as soon as they hit submit on their end,” says Marlene Hillyer, RDN.

Save Time with Paperless Intake

Do you have a set of forms online that you expect clients to download, print, fill out, then bring to their first session? How many actually do this, and how many times have you wasted the first 20 minutes of the initial session waiting for a client to complete your forms?  

Unfortunately, many new clients either forget to complete their intake, aren’t able to print it out, or don’t finish it completely. You then have to cut into time during your first session that could be put to better use.

customer testimonial paperless intakes

If your client actually fills out their intake before you meet, you’ll be that much more prepared to help them on day one. A recent study found that clients who use electronic intake forms are more likely to provide complete information. We’ve designed our intake to make it as easy as possible for your clients to access and fill out their intakes in advance, so you can go into your first session confident that they’re complete.

Stay Organized and Eliminate Paper filing

Sending intakes is a breeze with SimplePractice. You decide when it gets sent, or you can even automate the process. Once your client logs into the Client Portal, you’ll see which forms they’ve started working on, and which they haven’t. When the entire intake packet is complete, we’ll send you an email letting you know. This way, you can be 100% sure that the intake is filled out before your first session—no surprises.

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