Why ACA member Paul Krauss chose SimplePractice

Licensed Professional Counselor Paul Krauss tried seven practice management platforms before choosing SimplePractice.

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Paul Krauss MA LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Trauma Therapist, Professional Consultant, Approved Clinical Supervisor
Paul Krauss MA LPC is a full-time Private Practice Psychotherapist, host of the Intentional Clinician podcast, Behavioral Health Consultant, Clinical Trainer, and Counseling Supervisor. He is the creator of the National Violence Prevention Hotline as well as the Intentional Clinician Training Program for Counselors. While Paul consults for and trains clinicians at behavioral health organizations, he also serves as the Clinical Director at Health for Life Grand Rapids.


EMDR Level II Certified, ACRA Certified, Approved ACRA Trainer, Michigan Board of Counseling Approved Clinical Supervisor (Mentoring Institute Certified Supervisor), and Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Approved Clinical Supervisor.

Career and Background

With over 10 years of experience in counseling, Paul Krauss, MA LPC, has worked in three different states and in various settings including universities, crisis intervention centers, social service agencies, and more. His expertise lies in a multitude of categories including family counseling, substance abuse, trauma, and mindfulness. Spending the majority of his childhood living and working at a motel with his parents, Paul had the opportunity to meet countless diverse individuals, which ultimately ignited his passion to help those around him in any way he could. During college, while studying to obtain his degree in education, Paul was a mentor for students, loved learning about the human condition and behavior, and focused on subjects such as ecology, psychology, and philosophy.
His career path proved to be transformative throughout the years, and ultimately led him to his current position as Clinic Director at Health for Life, an integrative clinic in Michigan. With over 20 clients per week, Paul spends his time split between the clinic in Michigan and training clinicians for different behavioral health agencies in Arizona. Additionally, Paul hosts a podcast series called “The Intentional Clinician” which focuses on demystifying psychology through quirky, provocative, and informative dialogues with other professionals in the space.

“There is a no perfect EHR out there, but SimplePractice does exactly what I need it to do”

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Platform of Choice

Paul first began using SimplePractice in early 2017. “It’s essential to be on the same system with multiple clinicians,” Paul mentions, and emphasizes that he loves the platform not only because he can manage his entire group practice, but particularly because of SimplePractice’s documentation features. Paul found paper intake and notetaking to be archaic and arduous, and was looking for a solution that would simplify his process, allow customization, and save paper. He signed up for trial accounts with seven other practice management platforms before trying SimplePractice.
After attending the SimplePractice Product Demo and participating in the Getting Started online classes, Paul found it to be “more adaptable, reliable, and easy to use.”
Along with the note taking and paperless intake features, Paul highly recommends SimplePractice’s scheduling features and customer support. Rather than sending emails and text message appointment reminders to his clients ad hoc, Paul loves that he can automate those same reminders through the platform free of charge. He also relies on the SimplePractice support team anytime he has any questions or concerns. “I’m so glad SimplePractice added phone support by reservation,” Paul notes as he takes pride in the time and effort SimplePractice’s team puts in helping him and others from his group practice.

“I’m so glad SimplePractice added phone support by reservation”

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On The ACA Organization

As a longtime member of the American Counseling Association, Paul is enthused that the organization has chosen to partner with a company like SimplePractice. “There is a no perfect EHR out there,” Paul mentions, “but SimplePractice does exactly what I need it to do.” Along with trusting and investing in technology to manage his group practice, Paul firmly believes in the power of being part of counseling organizations like the ACA to fight for certain rights when treating patients/clients as the healthcare landscape is evolving. He encourages his fellow colleagues, peers, and professional network to seek out organizations like the ACA to become active members in the community and help make a change and difference.

Learn more about Paul Krauss here: www.healthforlifegr.com

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