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Customer Success

“The support team actually responds, follow ups, and makes sure you have your questions answered. It doesn't feel intrusive. It doesn't feel like it's wasting my time, and I don't have to spend hours on the phone.”

— Adrien P. from Austin, TX

Adrien P. from Austin, TX


“This is everything I wanted but didn't know it. I love that this system will allow me to remain organized and streamlined as I transition from private pay to accepting insurance.”

— Amanda T. from Kenosha, WI

Amanda T. from Kenosha, WI

Online Appointment Requests

“If people can't book you without talking to you, you're not open for business. And SimplePractice helps with that. You can make an appointment and never have left your couch.”

— Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Donna O. from Washington D.C.


“When you pay for SimplePractice, you're hiring security professionals to make sure that your information is stored very securely with all the things it's supposed to have to be HIPAA-compliant.”

— Katie M. from Austin, TX

Katie M. from Austin, TX

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