SimplePractice Stories:
Danielle Blessing Taylor, LMFT
and Telehealth Expert

Danielle Blessing Taylor is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in DC, MD, and VA who works with individuals, families, and couples.

In this video, Danielle explained how SimplePractice helps her balance her schedule.

‘It changed my practice and my life’

“The time it takes for billing has gone down tremendously,” she said. “With SimplePractice you see the client and you see on their profile if they owe a balance. I used to spend a couple hours a week doing billing and now I spend a couple minutes.”

‘Your time is important’

Danielle said using SimplePractice also helps with her mix of Telehealth and in-person therapy. “You can devote most of your time to seeing clients and focusing on what you love to do.”

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