SimplePractice Stories: Jill Shook, Speech-Language Pathologist

Jill Shook is an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist who thrives on enriching her clients’ lives through speech therapy. She did an extensive evaluation of fifteen different EHRs (and even created a guide!), before ultimately choosing SimplePractice.
In this video, Jill explained how SimplePractice helps her run her private SLP practice.
Managing her SLP practice on the go
“It’s the most cohesive,” she said. “The functionality is all in one place and the billing is clear. You don’t have to be a medical biller to understand how to use it. It’s very user-friendly.”
Jill relies on the SimplePractice mobile app to manage her business on the go.
“It syncs up with my Google Calendar, so I can change appointments easily,” she told us. “I can look at notes on the way to an appointment, and when I’m at a client’s house, they can even pay right from the app.”
‘I’m able to enjoy private practice again’
Jill said using SimplePractice gave her more breathing room personally and professionally.
“I’m able to focus on other aspects of my business besides just the paperwork. I’m able to enjoy private practice again. To enjoy seeing children speak who haven’t been able to speak before. And I get to spend more time doing what I enjoy— like spending time with my daughter and going for runs.”
Want to learn more about using SimplePractice as an SLP? Read Jill’s customer story.

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