SimplePractice Stories:
Marlene Hillyer, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Group Practice Owner

Marlene Hillyer is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, (and CSP, CD, CNSC, CLT). After starting her career in the hospital system, she opened her private practice in 2014 in Seattle, Washington.

“Before finding SimplePractice, my practice was chaotic,” she said. “I used three different systems — one for scheduling, one for charting, and one for billing… It sounds ridiculous now when I think about it.”

Marlene spent six months searching for a better solution for electronic health record software for dietitians. “I accepted the free trials of as many different EHRs as I could find. I wanted to log into one platform to do everything,” she said.

Top EHRs for Dietitians

When a colleague recommended SimplePractice, she was surprised that it covered all the bases and was still one of the lowest-cost EHRs. “Once I discovered it streamlined the intake, charting, and billing process, I was sold.”

In this video, Marlene explains how SimplePractice helps her run her private nutrition practice, which has now grown into a group practice called Dandelion Nutrition. She describes top features like paperless client intake forms and the integrated telehealth feature which makes it easy for her to work from home. The feature she loves the most? Integrated insurance billing that takes her “literally two clicks” to submit.

The insurance decision

In Marlene’s full blog post, she discusses why she decided to accept insurance. It factored largely in her decision to use SimplePractice as well. “Insurance billing at a reasonable cost is what sealed the deal and made me ultimately decide to go with SimplePractice,” she said. “Other platforms had cool features, but none of them made insurance billing so easy.”

She immediately recognized the value of easier insurance billing. “That piece was going to save me the most time, so I could devote my time and energy to helping clients instead of billing them.”

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