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Five reasons to choose SimplePractice over TheraNest

Considering SimplePractice as your practice management platform? There are a few things you should consider about how SimplePractice compares to competitors like TheraNest. Here are five reasons why SimplePractice is the right choice for you.

1. SimplePractice is more affordable

We have three pricing plans: Essential, Professional, and Professional for Groups. In each one, you get unlimited clients, unlimited appointment reminders, and much more. We charge the same great rate no matter how many clients you have. It won’t be more expensive to maintain as you grow your practice.
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Calculating True Monthly Cost

We believe in straightforward pricing. If your full-time practice sees around 25 clients a week, and you have 45 active clients, here’s what you can expect to pay for SimplePractice versus TheraNest.*

    • SimplePracticeEssential
    • SimplePractice Professional
    • TheraNest
    • Monthly Fee
    • $39
    • $59
    • $58
    • Appointment Reminders

      (100 / mo)
    • $0
    • $0
    • $5
    • Credit Card Processing Fees

      (10 charges totaling $1000)
    • $33
    • $33
    • $30
    • E-file Insurance Claims

      (100 / mo)
    • N/A
    • $22
    • $59
    • ERA Payment Reports

      (100 / mo)
    • N/A
    • $0
    • $10
    • True Monthly Cost
    • $72
    • $114
    • $162
  • *All information based on data collected in December 2018.

“SimplePractice has the features I need: progress notes, online booking, and easy scheduling. I love the look of it, very modern and professional. All at the perfect price point.”


2. SimplePractice has user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android

SimplePractice has a modern and user-friendly web application, and mobile apps for iOS and Android.
With the SimplePractice mobile apps, you can easily streamline your daily tasks. Add, edit, or delete appointments. Create invoices and process payments. Send clients your paperless intakes. View and manage your clients’ info and contacts.
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SimplePractice’s mobile app is highly rated by our customers

In Apple’s App Store, the SimplePractice mobile app has a 4.7 out of 5 rating based on almost 4,000 user submissions.

By comparison, TheraNest’s app has a 3 out of 5 rating based on only 9 user submissions. User reviews describe TheraNest’s app as “difficult to manage” and containing “many bugs and flaws”.

“I use the mobile app all day. With SimplePractice, I can be in complete control of the client side of my business from anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection.”


3. SimplePractice offers automatic invoicing

We include AutoPay (automatic invoicing) in each of our plans. AutoPay is a helpful billing feature that runs a client’s card automatically each night. With it, you can save time, avoid payment conversations, and stop tracking down unpaid sessions.

Other great billing features in SimplePractice

SimplePractice offers a fully integrated billing system to suit your practice’s needs. You can process payments easily through Stripe. You can store cards on file with bank-level security. And you can run credit card payments with a simple tap from your mobile device.

“The AutoPay feature has been a life saver. With great invoicing and billing features, SimplePractice does everything we need. I can’t recommend it enough!”


4. SimplePractice has an online Booking Widget

The SimplePractice Booking Widget is an excellent tool for making it easy for potential new clients to find your availability and request appointments.

You can embed the Booking Widget on any existing website to gain more customers. Use it on any website-building platform such as Brighter Vision, TherapySites, Squarespace, or Weebly.

Preview Online Booking
SimplePractice Online Booking

“Customer service is outstanding. I was super overwhelmed at the thought of switching platforms but my questions were answered quickly and the transition has been nearly seamless! Thank you!”


5. SimplePractice is here to support you

We’re committed to making sure that you have the best experience you can using SimplePractice. We know that helping your clients is your number one priority and we offer many ways to get you the support you need.

Personalized switching assistance

Switching to SimplePractice is easy. We offer a hands-on service to walk you through migrating your client data from your previous EHR. Our dedicated Switching Team is available by phone, email and video to help you.

Video, phone and email support

Get the help you need with one-on-one interactive screen shares and phone support by reservation. With unlimited email support, get a timely and thorough response to your message within just a few hours.

All information based on data collected in December 2018.

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