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SimplePractice vs TherapyNotes5 reasons why SimplePractice is simply the best

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1. SimplePractice is the best system for getting and keeping new clients.

Building client loyalty starts with your first interaction, and we help you make a great first impression with Online Booking and Paperless Client Intakes.

Online Booking lets clients view your availability and request sessions. Plus, you can require new clients to provide a credit card number to book. We’ve found that when potential clients enter a credit card, they are much more likely to follow through and show up for that first appointment.

Our fully Paperless Client Intake is client friendly. We’ve designed it to be thorough, simple to complete, and accessible from any device: desktop, tablet, and even mobile. Before your first session, collect signed consent documents, demographic information, intake questionnaires, and even insurance information. As soon as you accept your client’s appointment request, or you add a client to SimplePractice, your intake email is automatically sent out, so you can meet your client the first day with all their paperwork already filled out.

Free, automated appointment reminders give your clients a heads-up and significantly reduce no-shows.

“SimplePractice has also helped my practice by allowing me to go paperless, collect more detailed intake data from clients very easily, and not spend time scheduling clients through back and forth emails and phone calls. Once again… My clients love the portal!”

— Dr. April McDowell, Decision Point Therapy

2. SimplePractice makes it easy to get paid.

We’ve thoughtfully integrated credit card processing so that it saves you time, in addition to getting you paid. SimplePractice can invoice your client, run their card, and update your ledger – so you can rest assured, bookkeeping is always up to date.

Our insurance billing system not only files and tracks claims, it even does the bookkeeping for you. It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Our revolutionary claim filing system lets you submit a batch of claims with one click.

You’ll receive updates on the status of your claims throughout the process, get ERAs delivered for each payment at no additional cost, and we’ll automatically record your payments in your clients’ accounts.

SimplePractice - Insurance
“I love how easy it is to process payments! Since I have a few clients who see me on an hourly basis I’m really excited about setting AutoPay up in my account. The other thing I love about SimplePractice is how sleek and intuitive it is. The overall look and feel of it that I really really like.”

— Evan Center, MS, LCPC, Center Institute

3. SimplePractice is intuitive and easy to use.

We’ve done the research and have thoughtfully designed SimplePractice to accommodate the different ways behavioral health professionals run their practices.

From intake forms to credit card information, SimplePractice uses the information your clients provide to automatically create an organized, custom profile.

We give you the flexibility to run your practice the way you like. All client communication – from emails to documents – is customizable so it aligns with your voice and your practice.

SimplePractice - Client Info
“SimplePractice is clean, easy to use and invaluable to
the management of my practice!”

— Doree Lipson, LCSW-R, Wellness Embodied

4. SimplePractice has transparent pricing.

We let you know, up front, what’s included in your monthly fee, and we don’t nickel and dime you for extras. Whereas other companies will charge you for text reminders, ERAs, and use of the client portal, these features are all included in the cost of your SimplePractice subscription.

We charge the same great rate no matter how many clients you have, so it won’t be more expensive to maintain as you grow your practice.

“It has changed my life! I feel so secure knowing that my records are now impeccable. My monthly billing, which used to take hours, now takes 20 minutes. And it’s really fun!!”

— Madeline Lippman, Ph. D

5. SimplePractice is here to help you excel and grow your practice.

We have a 99% customer retention rate. Whether you’re starting your solo practice or you’ve grown into a large group, SimplePractice is flexible to meet your needs.

Our customers are the center of our product, so nothing makes us happier than hearing from you. Every day, the team at SimplePractice speaks with customers to understand your journey, and continue to build new features that help your business.

We have a dedicated, full-time, in-house team of product and insurance specialists that conduct tutorials and live classes, and quickly respond to any support questions you have. Our specialists work shoulder to shoulder with our engineering and design teams, helping to shape SimplePractice from the features that you request.

From our blog that highlights stories of other practice-owners, to our detailed help center with guides about how insurance billing works, we always have your back.

Over 25,000 professionals trust SimplePractice to help grow their practices.

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