Simple Monthly Pricing

We only get paid when you do. Our 8% monthly fee is only applied to insurance reimbursements.


of insurance
*If insurance doesn’t reimburse because your client still owes toward their deductible, a $4.75 fee per claim is applied. $300 one-time setup fee per clinician.

Fee Estimator

Plug in your weekly earnings to estimate what a month of SmartBilling Pro will cost.

How many self-pay clients do you see in an average week?
Enter your self-pay session rate
How many insurance clients do you see in an average week?
Enter the average rate you get from an insurance client
If you’re not sure, enter “60”
Your total monthly revenue: $
Your monthly SmartBilling Pro fee: $
NOTE: The information provided in this tool is for informational purposes only. The estimates listed are averages and your actual fees may vary based on factors such as monthly revenue and number of claims filed.

You’re in control

• You have the flexibility to charge your clients as you deem appropriate.

• You are in control of invoicing and collecting any and all client payments.

• We don’t collect any part of the money that your clients pay you directly.

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