Tiffany McLain

Using SimplePractice’s record keeping and administrative tools, Tiffany grew her practice and built, a money mindset resource.

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Tiffany McLain is fiercely dedicated to empowering her clients. She helps her therapy clients learn from their emotions and experiences, and supports her consulting clients in negotiating for more money. With SimplePractice, Tiffany is able to spend more time helping people instead of getting mired in administrative tasks.

On life before SimplePractice:

Before SimplePractice, I kept so many records. I had process notes in one place, personal notes in another place, and I kept track of finances in three separate places. I’ve always been a scrupulous notetaker, but it was irritating to have to pull out each file after I saw a client.

Customer Story Tiffany McLain

Why SimplePractice:

In truth, my practice was pretty close to where I wanted it to be when I finally signed up. But SP helped me streamline everything—my schedule, my notes, my paperwork, my treatment plans. It was relieving to have that all in one place and SP made it so much easier to stay current and HIPAA compliant! It made onboarding new clients that much easier. It’s like having an administrator without the costs of having an administrator.

On the SimplePractice community:

What actually drew me to Simple Practice was the SP community! I met the team and they were so cool that I wanted to be a part of whatever they were doing. Though the amazing community was my draw, the amazing software is what kept me coming back for more.

Community is everything for me. Over at, I am constantly writing about the importance of building a strong, encouraging, honest community who encourages you to grow. To me, community is about having others who are invested in you making more money, having more time to do the things you love, becoming a better clinician and openly sharing the resources (tactical and emotional) to help you make it there.

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