Uriah Guilford

Using SimplePractice’s time saving administrative tools, Uriah increased his client load by 20% and expanded from a solo into a group practice.

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Uriah Guilford has been practicing therapy in the Bay Area for over a decade and a half, gaining both an excellent reputation and a heavy client load. Using SimplePractice’s streamlined administrative features, Uriah was able to expand from a solo practice into a thriving group practice- making more money and serving his clients better in the process.

On life before SimplePractice:

Well genuinely, it was frustrating. The platform I was using previously was very slow and it seemed like the the development team was non-existent. I would put in requests and ask for things that would never happen. It was honestly pretty frustrating. My calendars were out of sync, and having to maintain multiple calendar was a huge hassle.

Customer Story Uriah Guilford

Why SimplePractice:

When I stumbled upon SimplePractice and tried it for the first time —it sounds cheesy— but I was completely in love. I’m kind of a software nerd in terms of the apps and platforms that I use on a daily basis. I just prefer that they work well and look nice. I think those are the problems I was trying to solve.

At this point, I can’t live without it! I’m a bit of a minimalist, so the idea of having a paperless office has always appealed to me. There are so many things that SimplePractice does well. The functionality is really helpful for a practice like mine, for example things like text and email notifications, credit card processing and being able to manage everything from an online software.

On the SimplePractice community:

Community is vital to me. I’m in a Facebook group specifically for group practice owners and it’s just amazing. I get a ton of helpful advice and connect with other therapists around all kinds of different things. In terms of SP, I’m an evangelist at this point and I tell everybody. I know it’s not the only software out there, but I really do give it my highest recommendation.

Some people talk about being in private practice and feeling alone and isolated. I’ve never ever felt that because I’ve always found community with people online and offline.

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