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Marlene H. from Seattle, WA

Marlene H. from Seattle, WA

Remain HIPAA compliant, always

Keep data secure, calls anonymous, and information private with bank-level encryption on your practice management software.

HIPAA-compliant, 100% secure integrated Telehealth

Start a video call from anywhere

Improve client accessibility with just a link to get started—no logins, passwords, or hassle.

Engage clients in real-time

Share PDFs, exercises, goal-tracking worksheets, and more from your screen to maintain top-quality care.

Choose your view

Hide your self view, pin any participant, and easily switch between Speaker and Grid views to focus on the clients who need it most.

Offer convenience and flexibility

Empower new and existing clients to book their own appointments online—and still keep control over your schedule.

Allow clients to request their own Telehealth appointments

Online Booking

“If people can't book you without talking to you, you're not open for business. And SimplePractice helps with that. You can make an appointment and never have left your couch.”

— Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Customer Success

“SimplePractice has helped me focus on treating substance use disorders and co-occurring issues without getting bogged down by the administrative tasks necessary to run a solo private practice. ”

— Anna M. from Northborough, MA

Anna M. from Northborough, MA

Group Practice

“If you are thinking about a group practice, I would say get your electronic records system in place and comfortable with it. SimplePractice has been great for operating our practice.”

— Dr. Lisa H. from Tacoma, WA

Dr. Lisa H. from Tacoma, WA


“SimplePractice helped reduce our overhead costs significantly. It does so much of the work for us, which saves us time and simplifies our life!”

— Dave W. from Fort Collins, CO

Dave W. from Fort Collins, CO


“When I started my practice, a lot of my colleagues started with ‘paper-and-pen’ to save money. I knew that eventually I wanted more, so I started with an EHR that could grow with me.”

— Taylor M. from Seattle, WA

Taylor M. from Seattle, WA



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