1 simple HIPAA step you may be forgetting

In the September rush up to the HIPAA compliance deadline, you were probably focused on the big items on your HIPAA risk assessment. You may have overlooked one of the smallest, but still mandatory steps for HIPAA compliance:

Posting your NOPP

Did you know that, in addition to updating your Notice of Privacy Practices and posting the new NOPP on your website, you also have to put it on the wall of your office? Sad but true. All of it.

What to do?

This one is pretty easy, yes? Stick it on the wall. You can frame it, laminate it, dress it up, or just put a thumbtack through it, but it has to be displayed on the wall. It does have to be somewhere visible, and in an area where clients are likely to see it (so no fair putting it behind the file cabinet). Just post it up!

If you have a creative way to post your NOPP, let us see it! Take a photo and post it to the comments below.

Happy HIPAAing! :^)

Katie Malinski

Katie Malinski, LCSW is a therapist in private practice in Austin, Texas and the creator of the workshop “Ducks in a Row: HIPAA for Therapists.” You are warmly welcomed to visit the website www.HIPAAforTherapists.com for training information, articles, and other free resources.

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