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We love partnering with companies, independent businesses, and organizations who also support health and wellness professionals. When we help each other, everyone benefits.

SimplePractice partners with mental health and wellness professionals

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Sharing a common audience, we can work together to grow subscriptions and engagement.

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Educate and raise standards in your field by leveraging insights from over 60,000+ SimplePractice customers.

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Help your members and customers implement streamlined workflows, enabling their practices to grow.



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Partnership Manager, Behavioral Health

Deepa helps manage strategic partnerships, projects, and conferences at SimplePractice. With her experience in business development, marketing, and project/operational management, Deepa works towards SimplePractice’s mission of empowering small business owners to start, grow, and run their private practices.


Partnership Manager, Verticals

Maggie manages and develops partnerships for non-behavioral health groups.Maggie brings to the team years of experience in the medical billing and insurance industry. Connecting small business owners with resources to build thriving practices is the most important element of the work that Maggie does.

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