5 tips for a more productive week

Written by Natasha Merchant on August 1, 2016

Productivity- we all crave it, but why is it so hard to maintain? Our hopes and dreams and goals depend on it, yet we make excuses and procrastinate. We feel you.

If you download our new iPhone app, you’re one step closer to being more productive in your practice. Here’s a list (with links!) of 5 simple tricks that’ll also help you get on track:

1. Start & maintain a morning ritual!

2. Check out some books by productivity experts here and here.

3. Timebox your calendar! 

4. Learn how to say no! 

5. Celebrate & reflect! 

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About the Author

Natasha is the Community Manager at SimplePractice. She adds avocado to everything and enjoys spending her free time outdoors, in the sun.

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