7 Proven Strategies to Attract New Telehealth Clients

Telehealth has grown in popularity, and its benefits are clear—so why aren’t more clients asking about it? It may come down to marketing. You probably feel comfortable with the technology and understand that it’ll make treatment more accessible, but potential clients may not feel the same way (yet!). 

Clients who are a good fit for telehealth may not be the same clients you currently see in-person. Therefore, your strategy needs to change when marketing telehealth services to new or existing clients.

Which clients are a good fit for telehealth?

You’ve been seeing clients in-person and are ready to move to a virtual practice, good for you! When making this shift, keep in mind the unique benefits telehealth offers. You may find the reasons your clients choose to work with you initially aren’t the same reasons they would want to work with you virtually. 

Consider your current niche and practice area, and think about clients who may benefit from telehealth. These could be your current clients, or ones you typically haven’t connected with. 

Telehealth is a viable solution for:

  • Responsibilities at home that make it difficult to travel to an appointment
  • Difficulty traveling during inclement weather
  • Embarrassment about seeking help or anxiety about face-to-face appointments
  • Remote location
  • Reliance on public transportation and a limited budget
  • Hesitation to develop a relationship with a provider 
  • Difficulty coordinating a time that works for a multi-client session
  • Sharing videos, goal tracking, worksheets, or anything else on your screen

Develop messages that appeal to these pain points

Start by developing messages that address the problems your customers may face and the benefits of your telehealth services.

Example: Your current marketing may include a message such as “Are you looking for help controlling your diabetes while still living the life you love?” Reposition the message to focus on the benefits of virtual counseling, with “Are you struggling to control your diabetes but don’t have time to see a dietitian with your busy schedule? We’ll develop a plan to get you back on track, no travel required.”

Focus on:

  • Convenience
  • Lower cost
  • Video and goal tracking via screen share
  • Specialized care
  • Long-term success due to more frequent, timely counseling appointments and support
  • Multi-client calls for additional support at home

Help people understand what working with you looks like, because telehealth may be a foreign or unfamiliar concept. Include these details on your website in a simple process, a handout, or a quick video of you explaining how appointments will be carried out.

Potential client concerns:

  • Technology comfort level → Look how easy it is to use your platform, including supporting multiple clients and sharing your screen
  • It’s less personal → Let your personality show in the messages, photos, and videos you present
  • It’s less effective → Feature client testimonials speaking to their experiences with virtual appointments

Strategies to attract new clients to your business:

  1. A strong website
    Does the text on your website include the messages and benefits we just covered? Include frequent calls to action for visitors to connect with you (book a consultation, send you a message, make a purchase), and clearly lay out your services on your homepage. You can always go into more detail on a services page.
  2. Free downloads
    Consider a free downloadable giveaway that would be interesting to your target customers, and collect email addresses in exchange. Assessments (“Are you ready for virtual counseling?”), tips and guides (“10 Ways to Build Better Habits, Starting Tomorrow Morning”), and worksheets (“Make a Holiday Eating and Exercise Game Plan”) are popular formats. 
  3. Original content
    This includes blog posts, podcasts, videos, and social media posts incorporating the messages you’ve developed.
  4. Testimonials
    Include testimonials on your website, on social media, in your newsletters. People love hearing how someone just like them was successful.
  5. Videos
    Include videos in your marketing so clients can get used to seeing you virtually. Start small on Instagram or your Facebook page, or make a video that introduces you and embed it on your site. Keep them short and sweet.
  6. Build a referral network
    Even though you’re virtual, you can still foster relationships. Reach out to medical providers, community organizations, and other businesses where your clients may be.
  7. Word of mouth
    Incorporate your messages into your sales process too. How will you talk about your telehealth services in your packages and discovery calls, and with current clients?

How will you grow your virtual practice this year?

Telehealth continues to grow, and it’s a great way to expand your business and help more clients. Marketing your telehealth practice can attract new clients and help transition existing in-person clients to your new offerings. Remember to include the unique benefits telehealth offers throughout your marketing materials and messages, and continue to let your personality shine through.

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