Letter Templates for SLPs

Are there any parts of your job you wish you didn’t have to do? Like putting together an authorization for insurance or informing a parent of discontinuation of therapy? Presenting: Letter Templates for SLPs

In this post you will find editable documents commonly used by speech-language pathologists in private practice. Use these templates to improve efficiency in your daily workflows. 

SLP Letter Template Examples

Letter Templates for SLPs include: 

  • Updating Referring Clinician
  • Premature Discontinuation of Therapy – Letter To Parent
  • Timely Filing Appeals Letter
  • Moving to a New Practice Letter
  • Telehealth Recruitment Letter
  • Letter of Medical Necessity

Download the letters in your preferred format (Google or Microsoft Word). You can easily add your logo and contact info directly to the document, or you can copy the body of one of the letter templates and paste it directly into a document with your own letterhead. Either way, these templates will come in handy when you need a quick letter and don’t have time to start from scratch.

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Letter Templates For SLPs

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