Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 10 Perfect Gifts for Therapists

Wondering what to get for a counselor or therapist this holiday season? We’ve got you covered, with ideas big and small. Here are 10 perfect gifts for therapists.

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Gifts under $25

Sometimes you just want a stocking stuffer, or something that says “I know what you do for a living, and I appreciate it.” Small gifts are also great if you’re looking for something for your own therapist. Many therapists will refuse higher-value gifts. In some cases, they are required by law to turn away any gift above a certain value—or any gift at all.

therapist sign and bell gifts

1. “In Session” Sign

Perfect for a small private practice office, this lets people know when you should not be disturbed. Several different versions are available, if you prefer more generic text like “Do Not Disturb.” The version linked here is made from high-grade plastic, but there are great wood options, too.

2. Tuned office chime

This chime and mallet set creates a pleasant way of marking the beginning or end of an appointment. It also works well for those who make mindfulness a part of their practice, encouraging clients to bring their focus back to simply what is happening in the room right now. 

book and plant pots for therapist gifts

3. Jean Chatzky, Women With Money

The world of mental health care is mostly women, and many of us (regardless of gender) entered this work knowing we could have done other, more profitable things. In other words, we’re largely mission-driven—we want to help people, even at our own expense. In this book, Chatzky helps women focus on money not for its own sake, but for what money can do for us. How can we make conscious financial choices that will further missions we care about? It’s a good read for all of those wanting to find ways to do as much good for their families and communities as they can, and wondering how their own money fits into that.

4. Small succulent pots

These are intended to have small succulents planted in them for an added dash of green around the office, but they also look great on their own. 

ringlight and book for perfect therapist gift

5. Desktop Ring Light

Lots of mental health professionals are moving into telehealth, doing appointments via video. (SimplePractice has a great telehealth feature available for our customers.) Unfortunately, a lot of therapists are also used to working in offices where the lighting is less than ideal. A small ring light is easy to use, can make video appointments look much better, and is small enough that it can be stored away when not in use.

6. Lori Gottlieb, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Gottlieb is a therapist based in Los Angeles. Her writing for the New Yorker has connected with therapists around the country. Here, she offers a number of stories of personal and professional growth to illustrate the power of a nonjudgmental, healing presence—and to gently encourage therapists and clients alike to take a humble approach to the work.


Gifts under $60

Looking for something a little more substantial? These gifts are more than stocking stuffers, but they won’t break the bank.

hipaa book and messenger bag as gifts for your therapist

7. Lorna Hecker, HIPAA Demystified for Mental Health Professionals

I love this book and regularly recommend it to colleagues working to implement and maintain strong HIPAA-compliance practices. It may not be sexy, but it is important, especially for newer therapists. 

8. Lifewit Leather and Canvas Laptop Bag

A small laptop is essential equipment for a lot of modern therapists. For travel to different locations for appointments, for using the best practice management system there is, for writing, and for all the other elements of our work, we tend to carry our computers around a lot. I like the look and feel of this vintage canvas and leather bag, which can be paired with a wide variety of different clothing. And of course, if you’re wanting to give a laptop bag that goes full Indiana Jones in its look, there’s an option for that, too. (One caution when gifting a laptop bag: Make sure you know what size laptop the person uses so that the bag will be the right size for it.)


Gifts $60 and above

miniature therapy figurines and weighted blanket for therapy gifts

9. Play therapy figures

Therapists and counselors who work with children often use toys, dolls, and other forms of play to help their clients express themselves. This set includes families of four different ethnicities, and can be helpful in guiding children to tell stories about their daily lives. 

10. Weighted blanket

There’s a growing body of scientific literature about weighted blankets, but even leaving those discussions aside, weighted blankets just feel comfortable. Especially in colder climates, therapists often have a rotating supply of blankets in the office, both for themselves and for clients. There are a number of good options available, so consider factors like size, weight, and how well the blanket matches with the decor of a therapy office setting.




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