The Importance of Community as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, yet no one seems to talk about it. As a business owner, there’s no clear person to offer guidance when you run into a problem. There’s no definitive outlet if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re running a practice on your own or just can’t seem to find someone who can relate to your professional struggles, you’re not alone.

The isolation of entrepreneurship is real, and the research proves it. In Loneliness: The experience of emotional and social isolation, prominent sociologist Robert S. Weiss explains, “Loneliness is caused not by being alone but by being without some definite needed relationship or set of relationships.” And this becomes acutely relevant for small-to-medium-sized business owners.

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(Source: Burnout Research, Science Direct)

Start Building Your Network Online 

It takes work to build and cultivate relationships, and creating a professional network is no different. That’s where the SimplePractice Community comes in. This thriving online community helps thousands of practitioners connect and partake in the entrepreneurial experience every day. 

Members share their questions, challenges, insights, and accomplishments—and actually receive feedback, support, suggestions, and empowerment from peers who can relate. In this interview, community member Sherry Nafeh, LMFT talks about how the SimplePractice Community helped her be a better therapist.

There are two ways you can join the SimplePractice Community: the SimplePractice Community on Facebook and the SimplePractice Community Forum in our web app. While each platform is a little different, both are great resources for our customers to learn from and grow with one another. Community member and virtual coach Kari Silverberg, LMFT says, “The amount of intelligence, creativity, encouragement, and camaraderie here is really fantastic!”

The Facebook Community

The SimplePractice Community on Facebook is home to nearly 10,000 private practitioners who help each other tackle the everyday challenges of running their own practice. Have questions about which CPT codes you should use, or want to know how other practitioners handle no-shows? The Facebook community is your go-to resource. 

No matter what comes your way, you can call on your new-found community for support. Plus, with new practitioners joining everyday, there’s never a dull moment. 

The SimplePractice Community Forum

The SimplePractice Community Forum is a platform for customers to connect, share notes and templates, and raise questions. You can also directly communicate to the SimplePractice team and other practitioners. More than 60,000 SimplePractice customers share insights and connect with the Product and Insurance Specialist teams on this forum.

Community members can post ideas in the forum. Fellow members can then upvote and add comments to each other’s suggestions. It’s through this platform where SimplePractice’s customer-driven features come to life. 

The SimplePractice Product team reviews the Ideas and Suggestions board regularly to better understand our customers’ needs and expectations. Through these channels, the SimplePractice Product and Design team can see feedback on new features and learn from our customers in real-time.

Empowerment Through Meaningful Connections

This unique community platform empowers private practitioners to learn and grow alongside one another. As a community member, you can create meaningful connections that turn the once-lonely entrepreneurial experience into a collective—and collaborative—journey. 

To join the Facebook community, just search “SimplePractice Community” from your Facebook account, fill out a quick questionnaire, and request to join the group! To join our Community Forum by visiting “My Account > Join Our Community” in the SimplePractice web app, or visit


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