Podcasts featuring SimplePractice CEO, Howard Spector

If podcasts are your thing, we have a collection that features SimplePractice CEO, Howard Spector. As the former Founder & CEO of Track Your Hours, Howard has a ton of experience in entrepreneurship, in addition to a solid background in Psychology (he earned his MA from Pacifica!).

Whenever Howard reminds us to be resourceful or to aim higher, we refer to his words of wisdom as “Howardism’s.” Here’s are a few of our favorite podcasts featuring Mr. CEO, with some “Howardism’s” just for you!

“Step back and make conscious decisions about where you want to go. Be very deliberate. You can’t do that from the hamster wheel.”

Practice of the Practice: Transformation with Howard Spector

“Focus in anything will breed great results. But, again, it’s a challenge to maintain that focus… You really have to believe and be strong.”

Practice of the Practice: Overcoming Fear

“Networking with your colleagues is such an important thing, and it seems like [they] should be your number one referral source and not be looked at as your competitors.”

Selling the Couch: Taking on an Entrepreneurial Mindset

“There’s a lot of things happening right now [in our business], and a lot of them aren’t easy. As we go through this transformation, it’s difficult, but I understand it’s necessary, and the things that are coming from it are positive.”


“As a business owner, you need to create some space for other things in your life or sit back and think about your business. How’s your business going? Are you seeing the kind of clients you want to see? Are there things you want to get involved in that you haven’t had time for? How do you make the time and place for that? You do that by using systems that save you time and you make sure to manage your time well.”

ZynnyMe: Transformation in your Private Practice


Go forth and apply these “Howardism’s.”

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