Why Your EHR’s Customer Support Team Matters

As a private practitioner, your time can be consumed by the day-to-day operations that are necessary to keep your business running. But if you’re stuck trying to figure out how to set up insurance billing or enrollments through your EHR, that’s time away from your clients’ care. That’s time away from doing the work you actually want to be doing.

Your EHR is designed to help you streamline all of your administrative tasks and simplify the business side of your practice. But not every EHR company is properly equipped or staffed to deliver quick, actionable support when you need it most. When you have questions that need answers, you deserve a team of specialists with a great depth of knowledge that you can rely on in real-time. 

And that’s exactly what SimplePractice offers.

How SimplePractice Customer Support is Different

SimplePractice is centered around you. From the features we create to the way we communicate, everything we do is driven by our customers’ feedback and needs. SimplePractice is intentional about building and growing a team of extraordinary individuals driven by a singular mission: take care of you, our customers. 

We focus on providing quick, actionable support to simplify your life. To achieve this, we’ve developed a comprehensive internal knowledge system for our specialists, so they always have the appropriate resources to answer any questions you might have. We also heavily invest in training our team members, so they’re ready to provide exemplary support every day. 

SimplePractice Customer Support

The People Behind the Product

SimplePractice goes beyond software for your private practice. Think of us as your devoted team of business partners championing you through all of your private-practice experiences. That’s why we do support differently. We have incredibly knowledgeable Product and Insurance Specialists that’re just a click away. Instead of navigating your way through automated telephone systems, you can immediately get in touch with us online. 

Some of our team members share how we, as a company, dedicate every day to helping our customers thrive as entrepreneurs, business owners, and service providers.

An Individualized Approach

Almost every company has some version of a customer service department. But at SimplePractice, it’s not just a department. It’s who we are. 

Training Manager Cate Ham talks about the importance of personalizing online assistance. “When I’ve written to some companies in the past, it can take forever to get a response. And when you do get a response, sometimes it’s not the right answer. It’s generic, brief, or even irrelevant to the question at hand,” she explains. “But our Customer Success team focuses on your specific needs and attentively addresses your questions.”

SimplePractice Customer Feedback

Senior Insurance Team Lead Tiffany Dang details our individualized approach to answering your questions. “One of the ways we do this is, after we analyze our customer’s questions, we always make sure our customer knows how to use our platform’s features before we prepare our response. If not, we take the time to educate, inform, and support them each step of the way until they feel confident.”

Tiffany goes on to say, “We make sure our customers understand the root of the issue and know how to resolve it with detailed step-by-step instructions that are actually easy to understand and follow. We also anticipate your needs, so you’re not left with any additional follow-up questions.”

Senior VP of Customer Success Alex Marrache explains, “We focus on the customer as an individual, and not just another request for assistance.” Our approach to support is simple. We operate and act like your business partner. Your needs are our needs, and we do everything to be your supportive, reliable partner.

SimplePractice Customer Support Success Team

More Than Just Email Support

Many of our customers use the live chat feature for assistance, but that’s just one of many ways to get in touch with us. “We understand that every customer has a different learning style,” Tiffany says, “so we focus on being conscientious and thoughtful with our responses by providing our Help Center guides and videos, or we even schedule a live video call session for more complex matters.”

Get in touch with your SimplePractice team via:

Our Community Manager, Gillian Wu, shares a real-life example of our individualized approach. “I once was working with a brand-new customer who—despite her best efforts—was having a hard time learning how to use SimplePractice. We’d spent some time on video screen-shares, but she just wasn’t quite there yet.”

“When I looked at her account and realized that her office was only a few blocks from SimplePractice headquarters, I invited her to lunch! She and her office manager came by with their laptops and lunches. We sat together and got her all set up over string cheese and apple slices. She’s been a happy customer for more than a year now.”

Fast and Thorough Responses

Forget about long wait times, being on hold, or getting transferred with traditional phone support. Instead, get your questions answered in real-time with live chat available during business hours: Monday–Friday, 6AM–7PM PST.

SimplePractice Customer SupportAccording to Cate, “Even during a pandemic, you can almost always receive an individualized response on the same day.” She goes on to explain that the response you receive will be anything but generic. “You’ll hear back from someone who specializes in the area in question. Our team is broken down into a few smaller groups with specialists trained in a certain area.”

Cate also talks about our Switching Team. “We have team members dedicated to help you with switching and importing your data from a previous EHR. We also have specialized team members for group practices, insurance enrollments, and more. Simply write in with your question, and our team will direct it to the most appropriate individual to respond.”

You even have a personal portal where you can initiate, follow up on, and even track the history of your communications with SimplePractice—no more lost help responses. Plus, you have the power to mark the request as solved, or follow up with one of our Customer Success representatives.

SimplePractice Customer Support SVP

More Than a Department, It’s a Culture

Customer Success not only makes for a better product and experience for you, but it actually enriches our company culture. Our SVP of Customer Success, Alex, talks about how “we’ve built an environment that encourages reflection and intentionality on how we serve our customers day-to-day. We promote a focus on constant improvement.”

He goes on to say, “an untraditional level of autonomy is granted—together with measuring performance and highlighting accountability—to develop professionals who embrace and thrive in an atmosphere where agency is valued.”

We’re passionate about supporting the health and wellness professionals that are critical to our communities. “Everyone on our team is talented and could apply their skills at any company, but the community we serve is what motivates us,” Cate explains. “Our customers serve a community of individuals raising their hands for help—whether it’s couples counseling from a therapist, pain relief from a chiropractor, or meal planning from a dietitian. For our team to be a part of that equation translates to meaningful work.”

SimplePractice CSAT scoreWith SimplePractice, our team is your team. Learn more about the people powering SimplePractice who’re ready to support you.

*Please note, all testimonials and customer reviews featured here are from real customers sent directly to the Customer Success team member that helped them.


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