The Best Way to Get More Clients

Online Booking lets new clients request appointments without ever leaving your website.

Many of our customers love our integrated Online Booking feature, which lets clients request appointments directly through the SimplePractice client portal. Now, this streamlined, convenient, easy to use feature is available on your own website!

Why add Online Booking to your site?

1. New clients can request appointments at any time.

Online booking, is becoming increasingly essential these days for any clinical practice. It saves time for both clients and providers and reduces the workload for administrative staff. If you manage all of your scheduling over the phone or email, this creates more opportunities for clients to change their minds. 

With Online Booking, there’s no need for back and forth over email or the phone. Clients can request appointments 24/7–reducing the burden for you or an administrator during limited business hours. You can even require clients to provide a credit card to hold the appointment–our data indicates that this significantly increases the attendance rate.

2. The booking process is easy and intuitive.

We’ve found that potential clients reach out to multiple clinicians and often go with the one who responds first, so it’s important to make the contact process as simple as possible. If you use email or an external service, potential clients are often shuffled through a series of clicks and windows. They might become distracted, lose steam, or find an excuse to back out of booking their important first session.

Online Booking offers a streamlined experience, which means there’s no need to jump to another site, increasing the likelihood that potential clients will follow through. With the click of a button, new clients can see your availability and request an appointment. As soon as you approve the appointment request, send your client their intake right away. 

3. Online Booking lives on your own website.

Most online scheduling tools are managed through an external platform or completely different service. This means learning how to use a new tool, paying for additional software, and setting up a calendar in another location that isn’t integrated with your practice management software. Online Booking uses the schedule and settings that you create in SimplePractice, so you can manage everything in one place.

You’re in full control over the times, session types, and locations that your clients see. Just set your customizable schedule in SimplePractice, and those times will appear in the Online Booking calendar on your site. 

The best way to learn more is to try Online Booking yourself. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of SimplePractice and start getting new clients directly from your website. 

Already a SimplePractice customer? Set up Online Booking now.

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