Top 10 Surprising Facts We Learned in 2019

In 2019, SimplePractice Learning customers have enrolled in more than 14,000 hours of continuing education through our on-demand video platform. Our high-quality courses are taught by skilled presenters, and we’ve learned a lot from each of them. 

We’ve compiled some of the most surprising facts we learned this year to share with you:

1. Airlines and state licensing boards are cracking down on Emotional Support Animals.

Emotional Support Animals | Benjamin Caldwell | 1 hr CE | $19

2. Solo practitioners covered by HIPAA need to formally declare themselves to be their own Privacy Officer.

HIPAA for Mental Health Professionals | Katie Malinski | 1.5 hrs CE | $23

3. In some locations, doing a single phone session makes you a telehealth provider with specific additional responsibilities.

California Telehealth Law | Benjamin Caldwell | 1 hr CE | $19

4. Less than half of those with OCD report stereotypical compulsions like hand-washing.

“Pure O” OCD Subtypes: How to Identify and Treat Them | Nikki Rubin | 2 hrs CE | $27

5. Being LGBTQ informed, LGBTQ friendly, and LGBTQ affirmative are different things.

Fundamentals of Therapy with LGBTQ Clients | James Guay | 1 hr CE | $19

6. Suicide screening isn’t very effective at predicting suicide risk.

Suicide Prevention, Assessment, and Intervention | Benjamin Caldwell | 6 hrs CE | $59

7. Utilization of telehealth in the US increased by more than 500% from 2011 to 2016.

Telehealth: Getting Started | Melissa Douglass | 1.5 hour CE | $23

8. Symptoms of Lyme Disease are often misdiagnosed as mental health disorders.

Lyme Disease and Mental Health | Ruschelle Khanna | 1.5 hrs CE | $23

9. Asking specifically about the therapeutic relationship, and even measuring the relationship, shows clients that they’re more than a paycheck.

What Therapists Get Wrong | Katie Vernoy and Paul Gilmartin | 1 hour CE | $19

10. Conceptualizing cases from a behavioral perspective can be useful regardless of what treatment model you’re using.

Behavioral Case Formulation | Nikki Rubin | 1 hour CE | $19

The education doesn’t stop here. Check out what SimplePractice Learning has to offer, and be sure to bookmark the page as dozens of new courses will become available in the new year.

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