How to Use Psychology Workshops as a New Revenue Stream

You can market psychology workshops to clients or other counseling professionals. Who will you target?

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of private practice or you’ve made it a lifelong career, at some point you’ll wonder, “What else can I do to grow my business?” This isn’t to say you’re unhappy being a solo practitioner—that couldn’t be further from the truth. You just want more for yourself, and for your practice. One way to challenge yourself is by hosting psychology workshops in addition to your current counseling practice.

Hosting workshops and trainings is a smart business decision. Not only will you make a name for yourself, but you’re doing right by the community as a whole by offering them something that isn’t currently available to them. If you want to bring new clients into the practice, target your local community. This type of workshop spreads awareness of your skills without you having to do any self-promotion. If you want to network or get to know your competition, plan events that will foster the sharing of ideas between practitioners.

01-how-to-use-psychology-workshops-as-a-new-revenue-streamWhen is the right time in your career to hold psychology workshops?

Here’s some great news: Hosting a psychology workshop is a smart decision at any point in your career. The key is to plan the right event at the right time. If you’re new to counseling, steer clear of classes for other practitioners, that is unless you plan on hiring professionals to teach the class. In that case, you’re the hostess. A mid-to-pro-level therapist has more options. They’re able to lead workshops geared toward clients, the community as a whole, and even for their fellow clinicians.

Depending on who you’re trying to reach, there are many ways to market your classes. The first step is making sure all the events you host are listed on your website. Because you’re targeting people who are local to you, it might be smart to do a direct mailing. Create a brochure and let the post office do the heavy lifting for you. Don’t forget email newsletters, social media, and even local radio and television shows.

Keep in mind the room you have available for your workshops. If you have space in your office or a large meeting room, decide how many people can register for each training. If your practice is too small, it may still be financially feasible to plan the event at a different location, such as a local hall.

02-how-to-use-psychology-workshops-as-a-new-revenue-streamPsychology workshops for your community

Marketing your services to the members of your community is one of the smartest ways to attract potential new clients. If you’re just starting out in private practice, community-based classes are an ideal beginning. Consider scheduling a once-a-month class individuals can attend to learn some hands-on, simple life improvements. If you don’t know where to start here are six ideas you can use.

1. Practicing Self-Care for Busy Professionals
2. Mindful Meditation for Beginners
3. Talking Money With Children
4. Learning How to Speak to Your Spouse
5. Tips for Advocating a Raise or Promotion at Work
6. Talking to Your Teens So They’ll Actually Pay Attention

03-how-to-use-psychology-workshops-as-a-new-revenue-streamPsychology workshops for other counselors

There are many options for planning events tailored toward other counselors and don’t pigeonhole yourself into thinking that all your courses need to be related to therapy either. However, if you want to teach counseling-skills-based courses, do it! Private practice owners are always looking for ways to learn how to better their business. Here are six ideas you can offer to therapists in your area.

1. How to Implement a Social Media Policy for Your Practice
2. Best Practices for Billing Counselors Who Rent a Room
3. What to Include in a New Client Welcome Letter
4. Private Practice Accountability Group
5. 10 Marketing Ideas that Are Easy to Implement Immediately
6. Creating a Collections Letter Template

Want to know how to draw the most attendees to your classes? Petition the licensing boards to approve continuing education credits for your classes. Depending on the topics, presenters, and length of your training, the attendees may leave with CEs that count toward their next certification.

You’re going to be quite busy when you add psychology workshops to your events schedule, which is why you need systems in place now to keep your practice running smoothly later when business gets busier. We’re here for you! SimplePractice will send out appointment reminders, and when you’re on the go, our mobile app lets you manage scheduling (and more!) Stop what you’re doing and try us free for 30 days.

Have you hosted any psychology workshops or other classes? What tips can you share with your community of practitioners?

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