What We’re Reading – August 2019

There are a ton of articles and blogs on the web. We wanted to share some of the most thought-provoking articles we read this month. 

Read about changes to mental health diagnoses, how stress impacts speech, ways to give a business website a facelift, how to deal with an anxious partner, and research that suggests we might all be working too hard.

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This is what we’re reading —

4 Science-Backed Ways to Prevent Burnout
July 24, 2019

A survey from Gallup found that the average American worker puts in 47 hours at the office each week. For startup founders, this number often goes even higher, which can lead to added physical and emotional strain. Even though startup founders have a heavy workload, finding a balance so you can avoid burnout is essential for your long-term health and success. Thankfully, a few science-backed strategies will help you avoid burnout and get better results.
7 minute read


How To Help Your Anxious Partner — And Yourself
July 24, 2019

Living with anxiety can be tough — your thoughts might race, you might dread tasks others find simple (like driving to work) and your worries might feel inescapable. But loving someone with anxiety can be hard, too. There are ways to help your partner navigate challenges while you also take care of yourself.
9 minute read


Accurately Describing Mental Health Disorders
Science Daily
July 16, 2019

A study surveyed 157 people diagnosed with mental health conditions in an effort the review an initial draft of the ICD-11 chapter on mental, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental disorders and recommended changes to more accurately reflect their experiences and/or remove objectionable language.
3 minute read


Frog In Your Throat? Stress Might Be To Blame For Vocal Issues
University of Missouri News Bureau
July 24, 2019

A researcher from the University of Missouri found there is more to vocal issues than just feeling nervous and that stress-induced brain activations might be to blame.
4 minute read


Take Your Business Website to the Next Level With These 7 Design Tips
July 29, 2019

Seven entrepreneurs offer their best design tips for creating a strong business website that reflects your brand identity and allows your target market to find you.
5 minute read


What Can Lead To A Broken Heart? How About Cancer?
July 18, 2019

A new study suggests a link between cancer and a condition called broken heart syndrome.
11 minute read


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