What We’re Reading – March 2020

From building healthy habits for your practice, to tips for disease prevention — we have you covered this month. Listed from shortest to longest, including an estimated read time, are the most interesting articles and podcasts we found on the web this month.

This is what we’re reading —

Reddit to launch new suicide prevention tools

The Verge
March 4, 2020

Reddit is announcing new tools to help with suicide prevention, offered in partnership with the Crisis Text Line.

2 minute read

‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos: why we’re so obsessed with them

March 4, 2020

A registered dietitian and professor of food and pop culture examines why people want to emulate the ‘healthy’ diets of their idols.

5 minute read

Spring cleaning your business

March 1, 2020

Notoriously a great time for cleaning out your home, spring is also a great time to evaluate how your practice is doing and take stock of habits you may need to change.

5 minute read

How to work productively when your office is also your house

Architectural Digest
December 29, 2019

Tips on how to delineate work time from personal time when your office is in your house. 

5 minute read

5 ways to manage your email without losing your sanity

February 19, 2020

You don’t need to be chained to your inbox. Use these five simple tools to help manage your emails.

5 minute read 

Living in the age of ‘continuous parenting’ is burning out parents

January 23, 2020

“Unlike in generations past, today’s parents can be always “on” due to everything from high-tech baby monitors to a stream of pictures and updates sent to their phones. This type of “continuous parenting” sets parents up for fatigue, but also sends children unhealthy messages about their own boundaries.”

6 minute read

Stop touching your face

NY Times
March 3, 2020

Simple things such as wearing makeup or glasses may prevent you from getting sick.

11 minute read

Live Therapy with Sarah: Shrinks are Human, Too!

Podcast by David D. Burns, MD

Does your significant other fail to appreciate your career? In this incredibly brave live therapy recording, you’ll hear Sarah, a therapist in California, become the patient and share her experience. This episode of The Feeling Good podcast is sure to resonate with anyone that juggles family life and their private practice.

1 hour, 55 minutes

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