What We’re Reading – September 2019

Overwhelmed by the amount of articles and blogs on the web? We’ve narrowed down some of our current favorites and organized them from shortest to longest, including an estimated read time with each.

Scroll to discover a new children’s book written by one of your very own SimplePractice team members. Also, catch up on the impact of social media on therapy, how to be a great mentor, and much more.

This is what we’re reading —

Manny Takes Flight 

Children’s picture book by Marlina Monique Mossberg (Senior Product Specialist at SimplePractice)

An essential read for anxious young fliers. Manny is an enthusiastic bird traveling south for the winter—but can he overcome his fears as he boards an airplane for the first time?

Six habits to steal from successful entrepreneurs

Aug 7, 2019

The six most common, dependable, and bankable habits from which any successful entrepreneur will benefit.

2 minute read

The power of humor in healthcare

Aug 26, 2019

Cracking jokes does more than just lighten the mood. Science suggests that laughter really is a form of medicine. Certain kinds of humor have been proven to facilitate healing in the body.  

6 minute read

Great mentors focus on the whole person, not just their career

Harvard Business Review
Aug 9, 2019

There’s more to mentorship than just giving career advice. An impactful mentor will take the time to consider the whole person. This article reviews the most effective types of conversations to have with a mentee.

10 minute read

21 sneakily useful subreddits that you might not have heard about


Sep 2, 2019

Reddit is a centralized endless blackhole of information—but digging deep doesn’t have to be counterproductive. These reddit tips can help you in all areas of life, from curing writer’s block to caring for houseplants. 

11-minute read

The state with the highest suicide rate desperately needs shrinks 

Bloomberg Businessweek

Aug 19, 2019

Learn how the only psychiatrist in rural Montana balances her clients’ needs against her own. An eye-opening look into how mental health is managed when resources are scarce. 

17 minute read

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