Why a Butterfly?

Four years ago a designer presented us with a variety of logos to review. Among them were various depictions of therapist chairs, couches, and notepads. There was even a version of a therapist in a chair holding an iPad.


And then there was a butterfly.

I looked at the butterfly and said to him something along the lines of, “Why the f*** is there a butterfly here, this makes no sense??” Frustrated, I put the logos aside and focused on some other things.A few days later I came back to the logos and something clicked. This time, the butterfly made total sense.

It was apparent to me just how perfect a symbol the butterfly is for SimplePractice, on many levels. We are in the business of transformation. From our product to you, to your clients – it’s all connected.

What does the symbol of the butterfly actually mean?

Butterflies are imbued with meaning and here are just some of the powerful things associated with them:











Interestingly, in many cultures, the butterfly is associated with the soul and in Greek myth, Psyche (which literally translates to mean “soul”) is represented in the form of a butterfly.


How is this related to the work of our customers and their clients?

The work our customers do with their clients and patients is really about transformation. Or as Jung put it, individuation.

Deciding, or being called, to do this work was the first of many steps in an ongoing process that includes:

  1. Going to school
  2. Doing your pre-license clinical work
  3. Preparing for, and taking your exams

Then realizing after all the time, hard work and sacrifice, that was really just the first part of your transformation into private practice.

Starting, building and maintaining your business is a continuous process and at times you may get stuck and other times, you thrive – just like your clients. It’s a constant cycle of renewal.


Why is this important to our product?

When starting SimplePractice, I knew I wanted the software to be simple and easy and the whole experience to feel light and open – like a deep refreshing breath. I had a visceral response to other programs out there that felt constricting and I wanted to create something different.

So when we started working with our designer, I expressed these thoughts to him and that is where the logo and first product designs were born.

Our product, like anything else, is also in a state of transformation. Currently, we are working on an entire redesign because we know that over time, the initial framework that we started with cannot adequately hold all the changes that have occurred. We’ve outgrown the initial cocoon, and must evolve if we want to stay true to the heart and soul of our product – simplicity.

Little did I know when we decided on our company logo, that transformation would be so central to things. Over the years, our logo has been a reminder to me of the importance of being aware of transformation in everything from my personal life, business life, and the world I inhabit.

Many of our customers have commented on the symbolism of our logo and I am curious if any of you have other symbols in your lives that serve as a reminder…

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