Why Change is Actually a Good Thing

At some point in our lives, we all seek transformation.

Whether it’s transformation in our personal or professional lives, we all have an innate human desire to grow, to improve our current status. But too often, we let our busy days and fixed routines get in the way of our dreams.

On top of that, there’s no magic bullet for achieving this illusive transformative experience. All the blog posts and podcasts in the world won’t create instantaneous change in your life. It takes time, effort, and a true desire to evolve. Caterpillars don’t turn into butterflies overnight.

Luckily, there are things you can learn from a blog post or podcast that can help you take steps in the right direction. For instance, the idea that change begins with small “steps” and not necessarily “one giant leap” (unless giant leaps work for you, in that case, leap as high as you can!).

One podcast episode, in particular, comes to mind. In an episode of the Practice of the Practice podcast, Howard Spector talks about transformation and what it means to him. Here are three main takeaways that will help you jumpstart your journey to transformation.

1. Make time

Howard talks about his quarterly “CEO retreat,” a few days he takes for himself to think about SimplePractice and its path. It’s important to separate yourself from the day-to-day chaos in order to effectively assess your goals in life.

How can you transform if you don’t give yourself time to think? As Howard puts it, it’s difficult to make these transformative shifts when “you’re on a hamster wheel and things are changing all the time.”

Now, for Howard, “making time” is a few days in Santa Barbara working on company goals and strategies. But, for each person this step might be different. Even if all you can give is a day, it’s important to step back and take time to commit to yourself.

2. Think about you

Great, you’ve set aside a day (or two, or three) to allow yourself to think. But what are you supposed to think about? You.

What really makes you tick? Who are you? What do you stand for? What story do you want people to read about you? While it might feel a bit uncomfortable, it’s important to sit with these questions and really think about the answers.

Only after you’ve taken time to think about yourself, can you understand your role when you think about your career, company, relationship, or other goals.

3. Take the first step

No matter what change you’re looking to make, big or small, you have to start somewhere. How many times have you wanted to take that first step, but it seemed so daunting that you quit before you even started? Transformational journeys are no different.

Identify the first step towards change and dive in. Challenge yourself to take that step, even if the next few steps are unplanned or out of sight. It’s in that journey, the break from the routine, that you’ll find true transformation.

Take the first step now and listen to Howard Spector detail his experience transforming SimplePractice from a startup to a company. Maybe you can find inspiration in his story to help you on your own journey.


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