Customer Story

Adrien Paczosa

With SimplePractice, she streamlined her practice, improved client outcomes and saved time.

Aside from her work as a dietitian, Adrien Paczosa helps other dietitians establish their own private practices.

Before SimplePractice

I always tell people that before SimplePractice, my practice was held together with band-aids and dental floss. I was of the mindset of “How can I do this for super cheap?” I wish somebody would have told me not to do that because it’s not worth it.

For about eight or nine years, I was using five different systems and driving myself bonkers. It was a total hot mess that took up a lot of time and actually wasted a lot of money. I had one of those “I hate having all of these systems” moments, and it was time for the group practice to come together properly.

There were a couple of things I needed in my EHR and client management software. In trying to find and evaluate platforms, I’d ask colleagues what they found to be working for them. I used Google reviews to identify products and then sign up for a free trial. I researched many different platforms before deciding on SimplePractice.

Why SimplePractice

SimplePractice has a very clean design—it just flows. It integrates so many pieces including billing, scheduling, and chart notes. I actually look forward to doing more telehealth because SimplePractice has now made virtual care so easy. Plus, Texas is enormous!

I always know that SimplePractice has my back. If I didn’t know how a feature worked, I could always ask—I didn’t have to figure it all out on my own. With the other platforms, I’d have to go in and see what I could figure out. SimplePractice really helped me save time, which meant that I was also saving money.


Austin, Texas



Years in practice

11 years

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