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Dr. Lisa Hardebeck

SimplePractice helps make running her group practice affordable and simple.

Lisa Hardebeck is a clinical psychologist and clinical director of a group practice in Tacoma, Washington. 

Before SimplePractice 

I had been with another EHR for close to ten years, and I don’t think they ever updated anything. If they did, those updates were so slow. There also wasn’t an easy way to navigate between our clinical records and our billing system, so we were all keeping paper notes. 

I’ve been so impressed with the updates SimplePractice has rolled out. They actually listen to their customers, and implement features that are useful to us as clinicians. And they keep us informed about what they’re working on and what’s coming next. 


Why SimplePractice 

When I was switching from my old EHR, I needed my new program to be able to combine the scheduling, billing, and notetaking parts of my business. It was important to me that all three of those things were in one system. SimplePractice was an easy choice because it’s the most user-friendly and intuitive solution. 

I dragged my feet for quite a long time before switching because I thought it was going to be a lot more work than it was. The switch was surprisingly easy. I thought it would be much more legwork to get our current clients up and running, but it really wasn’t. 

I could never go back to not using SimplePractice. It’s definitely worth the price for both solo practitioners and group practices. I can’t think of anything that I pay for as a group owner that’s more worth it than SimplePractice.

Finding the balance between work and personal life is always a dance. I really try to carve out personal time, and sometimes business stuff sneaks in there. But that’s one thing that SimplePractice has really helped with. SimplePractice streamlines the business end of things, especially for me as the business owner, so that helps me keep myself in line and really attend to my private life.


Tacoma, WA


Psychology, Couples Therapy

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