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Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Donna O. from Washington D.C.

Keep it simple with AutoPay

Save time, avoid payment conversations, and stop tracking down unpaid appointments by enrolling clients in AutoPay.

Integrated, automated payments get you paid quicker and easier

Keep information safe

Use integrated credit card processing for faster payments, and keep cards on file with bank-level security.

Bank-level payment processing for you and your clients

Make it easy for clients to pay

Let clients, parents, or third-party billing contacts make payments directly from their online Client Portal.

Let clients pay securely through your Client Portal

Create billing documents in seconds

Generate and send digital invoices, statements, superbills, and CMS‑1500 forms with just a few clicks.

1-click billing documents makes it quick to stay on track


“This is everything I wanted but didn't know it. I love that this system will allow me to remain organized and streamlined as I transition from private pay to accepting insurance.”

— Amanda T. from Kenosha, WI

Amanda T. from Kenosha, WI

Group Practice

“If you are thinking about a group practice, I would say get your electronic records system in place and comfortable with it. SimplePractice has been great for operating our practice.”

— Dr. Lisa H. from Tacoma, WA

Dr. Lisa H. from Tacoma, WA


“SimplePractice helped reduce our overhead costs significantly. It does so much of the work for us, which saves us time and simplifies our life!”

— Dave W. from Fort Collins, CO

Dave W. from Fort Collins, CO

Client Portal

“I say to patients, "I'm very fancy over here. I have a paperless practice, so everything will come via email." They love it. I can't tell you how many times people will say "I love this client portal." ”

— Dr. Nikki Rubin from Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Nikki Rubin from Los Angeles, CA


“Before SimplePractice, I used paper for chart notes and three different online platforms. Now, my EHR stays tidy, scheduling is clear, and insurance billing is a breeze—plus my patients love it!”

— Liz G. from Portland, OR

Liz G. from Portland, OR



Frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions, or read all FAQs.

Can I generate superbills?

Yes, all accounts in SimplePractice are able to create a superbill for any given client. Simply visit the client record, and click to generate a new superbill.

What is a superbill?

A superbill is a detailed document stating the services a client received. Practitioners can create superbills for their clients if they are not in-network with a clients’ given insurance payer. The practitioner or the client can send the superbill directly to the payer, giving them all the information they need to reimburse the client.

How does billing for telehealth work?

When billing insurance, we recommend that you always check with the individual insurance payer to determine whether telehealth services are covered and, if they are, which codes or modifier should be used for different types of services.

It’s very important to check directly with the insurance payer because coverage for telehealth services is constantly changing.

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