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Clients can update their credit card in the Client Portal

Clients can now view saved credit cards, add new ones, and choose which card they want as the default payment method in the Client Portal. All you have to do is enable access billing documents in each of their Client Portal settings.

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Clients Update Credit Card

Signing made simple

Collecting client signatures just got easier. Now you can request them directly in the Client Portal so clients (or guardians or contacts) can review and sign shared documents like progress notes and treatment plans.

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Clients Signing Shared Documentation

Virtual backgrounds for telehealth

You—or your clients—can now choose from 9 different virtual telehealth backgrounds. Currently available via the web browser.

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Virtual Background Telehealth

Blurred background for telehealth

You can now blur your background during telehealth calls. It’s available for all participants on the telehealth call and is currently supported via your web browser*. (May be limited on certain browsers.)

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Blurred Background Telehealth

Telehealth now has a chat feature

Practitioners can now send a chat message to all participants during a Telehealth appointment for added convenience, real-time troubleshooting, as well as sharing materials with their clients.

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Clinician using chat on SimplePractice telehealth

A new way to remind clients to complete paperwork

Save time by turning on automatic email reminders for clients and contacts to complete their paperwork before their appointments.

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Reminder for clients to complete paperwork

Introducing an income tracker

The new income tracker on the top navigation bar makes it easy to view your current and previous month’s income, and it links to the reports page for more detail. You can also choose whether to display or hide this feature.

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Top nav income indicator

Update to client signatures in the Client Portal

Clients can now type their name to sign documentation—which will be remembered and auto-populated for subsequent signatures. The client’s signature will look the same every time and signers can choose their relationship to the client.

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Clients sign on Client Portal

A fresh new look for clients

Your client’s experience now has a fresh, more modern appearance. Everything will have a cohesive look and feel—from the client portal to the emails they receive. No functionality has changed, and no action is required.

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Client Engagement Modernization

An easier way to review appointment requests

You can easily review new appointment requests at the top of the navigation bar. You can accept, deny, and see appointment requests from new or existing clients.

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Appointment Requests Update

Unanswered questions are automatically removed

Questions that are left unanswered on assessment forms and progress notes are automatically removed. So when you save, print, or view them as PDFs, you won’t see the “No answer given” response.

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Remove unanswered questions

New! Screen-share with sound

You can now share your screen with audio during telehealth sessions. It’s currently available via your web browser*, and supported on mobile and iPad. (*May be limited on certain browsers/devices)

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Screenshare with Audio

New and improved Telehealth experience on mobile

The Telehealth by SimplePractice mobile app has undergone extensive improvements. We’ve improved everything from the functionality and design to onboarding workflows and the overall experience for both you and your clients.

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Mobile App Telehealth Updates

Setting your availability just got easier

Instead of having settings in multiple places, our new simplified workflow makes it easy for customers to adjust their Online Booking settings, add/edit/select services, add availability time blocks, and more.

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Screenshot of Simplifying Online Booking in SimplePractice

Clinicians can now sign diagnosis and treatment plans

Clinicians and supervisors can electronically sign and lock diagnosis and treatment plans. This means SimplePractice treatment plans will be compliant with various states and payers that require a clinician’s signature—like Medicare, Medicaid, and more.

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Clinician signing and locking a diagnosis and treatment plan on SimplePractice

Billing address options

Now all customers—regardless of whether they have Telehealth enabled—can add a separate billing address for clients to use and/or a business billing address for their practice.

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Screenshot of options for billing address in SimplePractice

Manage your time better on Telehealth

You no longer need to try to steal a look at your watch or wall clock during virtual sessions. Now you can easily keep an eye on the time with the new Telehealth Timer.

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Clinician in a telehealth session using time elapsed feature

The calendar is getting a fresh new look

We’re making updates to the calendar navigation. Now, all your office locations will have a corresponding color so you can identify them at a glance. Plus, it’ll be easier to see and set the availability for each location and clinician.

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Calendar with color coded dropdown list corresponding to each office location

Get quick answers through the iOS mobile app

The SimplePractice mobile app makes it easy to run your business from anywhere. Now, you can easily get the support you need from anywhere, too. View Help Center guides and send support requests—right from your iOS mobile device.

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Clinician using Solvvy on SimplePractice iOS App

A smarter way to organize your group practice

Group practice owners now have greater control and flexibility when it comes to how their clinicians are displayed in their SimplePractice account—they can choose to order them alphabetically or keep them in the order they were added.

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Screenshot of how to order Team Members in SimplePractice

Online appointment request enhancements

Now when clients request an appointment online, they can easily see which time slots they can request online versus which ones they have to call to request.

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Online appointment request enhancements

eSignature on progress notes and assessments

Clinicians can now sign progress notes and assessments with the new cursive esignature functionality that includes your credentials.

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Clinician eSignature

Your Add Insurance Payments page has a new look

It includes a new Payments Allocated tab, the ability to add a new payment quickly, an enhanced write off feature that calculates both primary and secondary insurance payments, and more.

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SimplePractice Insurance Payments Page

Filter your clients by insurance payer

Practice Owners, Clinicians, Billers, and Schedulers now have an easy way to search for clients by insurance payer. Go to the Clients & Contacts page to check it out.

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Improved text reminders, including confirm or cancel via text message

Text reminders are now easier to customize with simplified language and improved deliverability. And you can opt-in to allow clients to confirm and/or cancel their upcoming appointment via text message.

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Text Appointment Manager, Confirm or Cancel via Text

New and improved client billing overview page

You now have greater flexibility, transparency, and control over your billing. To make sure you’re comfortable with the Client Billing system’s new and improved functionality, you’ll still have access to the ‘Classic View’ until the end of March 2021.

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Client Billing Page Enhancements

iOS mobile app has been updated to v9.0.0

In this update, the iOS mobile app has an improved navigation bar and new features to simplify your workflow—like the “Today” button to easily navigate back to your current schedule.

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Automate your closing pay periods

We’ve just automated the cycle for locking pay periods. To enable this feature, go to your Team Members > Payroll settings. Under Pay Periods, use the dropdown menu to select the Close Pay Periods option that aligns with your practice’s payroll schedule, whether that’s manually (default), weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.

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A simpler way to check if a client is active

Easily identify a client’s status with an Active or Inactive badge. Change their status at any time.

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Ability to upload insurance cards on the demographic form

The demographic form now includes an intuitive “upload section.” If Insurance is selected in your Client Portal settings, clients can easily upload their insurance cards along with the rest of their demographic information. Clients also have the option to snap a picture of their insurance card and upload it directly from mobile.

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Ability to upload insurance card to demographic form

A new data export experience for group practices

In addition to exporting data for just one client, you can export data for just one clinician. This allows the account owner to easily create an export file for all the clients that belong to a single primary clinician.

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Data Export for Group Practices

It’s time to meet your new website

Ditch the expensive web developer, avoid the complicated website builder, and upgrade to The Professional Website by SimplePractice. This new feature is free for all customers on the Professional plan until July 2021, then it’s only $15/month.

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The Professional Website by SimplePractice

A better Online Booking experience for minors and couples

Working with new minor and couple clients just got easier. When an individual requests their first appointment, you can choose to let them identify if they are booking an appointment as a parent or guardian for a minor client, a couple, or a caretaker.

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Online Booking for Minors or Couples

Add a personal touch with a profile photo

To add your photo, go to Settings > My Profile, and upload your very own headshot. Once you’ve uploaded and saved your new profile photo, it will show in the top navigation bar of your account.

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Add A Profile Image To SimplePractice

New viewing options in Telehealth

Telehealth now has more customizable viewing options while you’re on a call, so you can put your focus where it’s needed most. Now, you can hide your self view so your whole screen is dedicated to your client, and you can pin anyone, regardless of who’s speaking. You can also switch easily between Speaker and Grid View while you’re on the call.

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Telehealth Viewing Options

SimplePractice is HITRUST CSF® certified

HITRUST is the only certification that aligns 100% with HIPAA and includes security controls for CCPA compliance, an increasingly important distinction in the healthcare space. SimplePractice is the first and only electronic health record (EHR) platform available on the market for private practitioners to achieve HITRUST CSF certification, the highest security standards available in its category.

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SimplePractice HITRUST Certified

More inclusive Race & Ethnicity options

Race and ethnicity is no longer separated into two different drop-downs. We’ve now grouped race and ethnicity together to be one field in the Client Info settings, drawing upon the 2020 United States Census to create a more inclusive and accurate selection of options to choose from. This section also includes a free text field for you to add any relevant details about your client’s background—like their country of origin or tribal affiliation.

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Client Race & Ethnicity Update

File secondary insurance claims

This update auto-populates the Payment Report (ERA) data from the primary claim onto the secondary claim, so now you can electronically file both with just a few clicks. If you received a Payment Report (ERA) from the primary claim, all you need to do is click “Create Secondary Claim” and “Submit.”

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Secondary insurance claims

New reminders added

You'll now receive a reminder to wish your client a happy birthday and when a recurring appointment series is about to end. In addition, MSE/Tx reminders have been updated so that reminders only show up after an appointment.

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New reminders

Telehealth sound notification

Whenever a client joins the video appointment, they’ll be introduced with a delightful “ding”. There will also be a sound notification letting you know when a client leaves the video appointment.

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Downloadable Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

View everything on one, convenient EOB that you can download straight from SimplePractice. You can quickly determine where any unallocated amounts from insurance payments belong. Plus, no more logging into each of the separate insurance companies’ portals to get the information you need.

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SimplePractice Downloadable EOBs

Client management for couples

Client Management for Couples simplifies how you work with couples by creating a single, unified profile for a couple client that’s independent of their individual profiles. This ensures intake paperwork is sent to both individuals, couples’ information is managed and stored on one joint profile, and Telehealth appointment links are sent to both individuals.

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SimplePractice Client Management for Couples

Telehealth internet quality check

Proactively assess the strength of your internet connection prior to joining a Telehealth appointment. If it’s less than excellent, you’ll receive actionable tips to help you problem solve in real-time. Both you and your client will be able to use this.

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Treatment plan reminders

When creating or editing a client’s treatment plan, you can set a reminder to review the plan anywhere from 7, to 90, to 365 days later. This way, you won’t have to go through every single one of your clients to make sure their treatment plans meet insurance payer requirements.

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Treatment Plan Reminders

Add a nickname to a client’s credit card

Quickly distinguish between multiple credit cards by adding a Card Nickname to each. Navigate to Client Overview > Edit Details > Billing and Insurance > Credit & Debit Cards to edit an existing card.

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Credit Card Nickname

Create assessments for your clients

Add an Assessment to your client's file that is not tied to an appointment. Similar to Progress Notes and Intake Forms, you’ll be able to create your own Assessment templates using our Template Builder or by selecting a template from our Template Library as an Assessment under your My Notes & Forms settings. The ability to create your own Assessment template is only available to customers on our Professional Plan.

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Add assessments in SimplePractice

Add insurance modifiers to insurance claims automatically

You can now enable Modifiers under Billing and Services so you can automatically add modifiers to superbills and insurance claims on a client-by-client basis. Once Modifiers are enabled, you’ll can add modifiers from the calendar by clicking a specific appointment or by setting a default service code and modifier for a client on their Billing and Insurance Settings page so it applies to all of their appointments moving forward.

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Automatically add insurance modifiers

Manage client insurance information from the mobile app

Securely take a photo, upload, and store your client’s insurance card directly from the SimplePractice mobile app. There’s no need for a separate scanner, HIPAA-compliant software, or computer—you can quickly get the information you need from your client, all from the palm of your hand.

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Insurance SimplePractice Mobile App

Share your screen during a Telehealth session

Screen sharing is the ability to share the images on one computer screen to another person’s screen. This allows you and your client to view the same worksheets or other documents during the session, which encourages clients to participate (so important for those younger clients!) and helps them stay engaged with the session.

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telehealth screen sharing

Enable third parties to view and pay outstanding balances

If you have a client whose services are paid for by a third party, you now have the flexibility to grant the third party access to the Client Portal. This will allow the third party contact to view and pay outstanding balances for the client through the Client Portal.

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Third Party Billing

Client management for minors

For those of you who work with a minor client that has divorced parents, you’ll be able to give Client Portal access to and collect Consent Documents from both parents. If you’re working with a teenage client, you’ll be able to give them Client Portal access as well as their parents. If you see multiple children from the same family, parents will be able to access information for the whole family in one place.

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