Meet Your Team!

We're positive, passionate people who are serious about creating an experience for our customers that's unlike any practice management platform you've ever used. We hope it shows.

Howard - CEO | Co-Founder

CEO | Co-Founder

Howard is an INFP with over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry. He is proud to have earned his MA in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Fletcher - COO


Fletcher is an ENTP. He's always asking "why" and searching for ways to do things better.

Ralph - CTO | Co-Founder

CTO | Co-Founder

Ralph is an ENTP. He's a serial entrepreneur and avid sailor, who loves tech, building products and great teams. His spirit animal is a butterfly.

Charlene - Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Manager of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships

Charlene is an INTJ who loves taking on new challenges and solving problems. She enjoys snowy mountain ski days and traveling. Her favorite places to travel are Sydney and Tokyo!

Will - Associate Product Manager

Associate Product Manager

Will is an ESFJ. Complicated things don't scare him. He's also the resident insurance guru. He likes early morning walks, new podcasts, and has jumped out of a plane before!

Phillip - Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager

Phillip is an ENTP. He owns over 30 board games and can be seen around LA performing improv and standup comedy.


Senior Data Analyst

Daren works closely with the product, marketing, and customer support teams to help them use data to guide their decision-making. Her background is in statistics and business analytics, but she's also an expert at many other unrelated things like vacuuming, finding good deals, and navigating Los Angeles.

Tricia - Culturalist


Tricia is left handed and right brained with an appetite for life. She's a free spirit with an entrepreneurial attitude who appreciates the uniqueness of others. She’s a culinarian, mother of a feisty 7 year-old, kitchen experimenter, and adventure seeker.

Deepa - Sr. Associate, Strategic Initiatives

Sr. Associate, Strategic Initiatives

Deepa is an INFJ, who helps manage strategic partnerships and conferences at SimplePractice. While she's studying for her MHA degree in her spare time, Deepa also enjoys exploring the city!

Paula Pic

Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Paula is an LA native. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Psychology Degree and quickly started working in the Addiction Treatment field. She has spent the better part of 8 years managing call centers that helped connect people struggling with all types of mental health and addiction issues to treatment resources. She is a travel enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, and a mom to a pitbull named Brooklyn.

Tiffany - Product Designer

Senior Product Designer

Tiffany is an INFJ. She’s originally from Australia but has traveled extensively. She’ s a dog foster-mom and practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 5 times a week.

Jeff - Senior Product Designer

Senior Product Designer

Jeff is an ISFJ-A, a self-proclaimed nerd, product designer, front-end tinkerer, husband and father. He loves garage rock, Led Zeppelin vinyls, minivans, Tolkien & Discworld, and colorful pants.


Head Engineer

Dmitry loves building, scaling, monitoring, and maintaining complex systems. Apart from being a tech nerd, he enjoys beating bosses in Nintendo games, reading sci-fi, and binge-watching whatever is new on Netflix. If he's not online, he's probably on a road trip or flying somewhere, in a constant search for nice food and coffee.


Senior Fullstack Engineer

Pavel is an ISTP. He has a giant husky, loves watching e-sports, playing board games with friends, and traveling—he's been to about 25 countries!


Senior Software Engineer

Andrew is an INTJ. He’s an LA native who has hundreds of books and movies (mostly science fiction). He enjoys playing computer and board games, taking hikes where he practices nature photography, and runs triathlons.


Lead Mobile Engineer

Oleksandr is an INTP-A. Other than writing code, he loves traveling to new destinations and discovering new ramen shops.


Technical Project Manager

Jonathan is an ISFP. He believes technology should be used to solve problems and make life better for people. He’s a 4th generation clarinet player and views building awesome tech as a creative pursuit. When he's not working he's likely at a railway museum or botanical garden with his family.

Emily - Lead Visual Designer

Lead Visual Designer

Emily is an ISFP. She enjoys all aspects of art, especially the way design makes even mundane things beautiful and functional. She's super optimistic and likes to believe the best of people.


Web Designer

Joe is an INFP. He’s passionate about design, typography, and making complex ideas simple. He’s big on collaboration and staying positive when faced with a challenge. Joe loves tacos and is a proud dad to a Labrador Retriever named Jake.

Rachel - Controller


Rachel Just moved cross country to LA. She loves doing jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles, and hanging out with her dog, Reggie. She looks forward to teaching him how to surf!



Jessica is an ENFP, a licensed therapist in private practice in Santa Monica, and a long-time member of the SimplePractice family. She loves meditation, lifting heavy things, and is strangely proud of her cat Tabasco’s instagram account.

Alex - Director of Customer Success

Director of Customer Success

Alex is an INTJ. He's an LA native who reaches his flow by splitting lanes on his motorcycle on the freeways. You'll find him at his favourite breakfast spot with his sons in K-Town early weekend mornings.


SmartBilling Pro Manager

Dylan is an ENFJ-A. He is a life-long music fan and musician who loves to spend his free time in his rehearsal studio banging on drums and playing loud guitars. Recording original music is his favorite way to enjoy the day. He loves cats, traveling and old episodes of the Simpsons.

Maggie - Revenue Cycle Specialist

Revenue Cycle Specialist

Maggie is an ENFP and a Pittsburgh native. When she's not tackling insurance issues she enjoys reading, drinking tea, and fine-dining.


Medical Billing Specialist

Taylor is an ENFP and she graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Liberal Studies. When she is not working she is going on coffee adventures, brunching, and watching 80’s cult classics. She loves Tim Burton, Disneyland, and learning about self-development.


Medical Billing Specialist

Victoria is an ENFP. Her favorite hobby is camping—she loves nature and plants. Her favorite tv show is Seinfeld, and she owns the whole DVD collection.

Tiffany - Insurance Specialist

Insurance Specialists Team Lead

Tiffany is an INFJ. On weekends she goes on rock climbing adventures with her adorable doggo son, Cosmo. When she's not training hard for her rock climbing career, she enjoys an occasional binge on video games, sci-fi, mystery, fantasy, and anime shows, and browsing through Reddit.


Product Specialist

Marisa is an ENFP-A, born in the south and raised on hospitality. She's a film buff who writes fan fiction in her spare time, loves British comedies, and world exploration.

Laura - Product Specialist

Product and Knowledge Center Specialist

Laura is an ENFJ. She’s an Alabama transplant who enjoys treating everything like an adventure, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, playing video games, catching late movies, and exploring LA.

Dustin - Product Specialist

Insurance Specialist

Dustin is an INFJ who sings a cappella, practices yoga, and hopes to one day be a Jiu Jitsu master. The force is strong in this one.

Anne - Insurance Specialist

Insurance Specialist

Anne is an INTP. She spent the last 4 years working for international companies in China, Australia, and Thailand. Last year she started a small project selling handmade meditation cushions supporting female entrepreneurs in Thailand.

Cate - Customer Onboarding and Education Specialist

Customer Onboarding and Education Specialist

Cate is an ENFP. She loves doing anything outside, skiing, walking her dogs, DIY crafts and refinishing furniture projects. She's a fan of Winter, snow, and sushi.

Michael - Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Michael is an INFJ, mostly. He has worn many hats in his professional life and SimplePractice offers the chance to flex some new muscles. He's a geek to the core, and enjoys making food for his family.

Dominique - Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Dominique's an ENFJ-A. On weekends you can find her getting lost in music, her writing or attempting to dance. She's a yogi and avid traveler who is always ready for the next adventure.

Ellie - Product Specialist

Insurance Specialist

Ellie is an ENFP and a huge Star Wars nerd. She's very into horror movies, but electronic music has her heart. She spends nights and weekends producing, writing, and singing.

Paige - Product Specialist - Group Practices

Product Specialist - Group Practices

Paige is an ENFP, CA native, and pizza enthusiast. Outside of work, she can be found recording new episodes of her true crime podcast, managing the lineup for her RuPaul's Drag Race Fantasy League, or performing standup comedy.

Sasha - Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Sasha is originally from Novi Sad, Serbia. In her free time she gives private basketball lessons. She loves socializing and meeting new people with different backgrounds, enjoys working out as well as beach & mountain activities, and occasional dancing nights.

Ashley - Insurance Specialist

Insurance Specialist

Ashley is an ESFJ. She grew up in Tulare, CA, a small town know for dairies and the Farm Show. She's worked in the medical insurance field for over 10 years, and just moved down to LA from Portland, OR, partly to be closer to her very large extended family!

Marlina - Product Specialist

Product Specialist

Marlina is an ENFP. She's passionate about mental health, social rights, and anything covered in chocolate. Aside from the New England states, Alaska, and Iowa, she has been to every U.S. state.


Customer Success Coordinator

Niki is an ENFP. She loves people and connection and is on a mission to live life to the fullest. She is extremely passionate about inner well-being and all things loving. In her free time she likes to read, write, explore, work out, eat healthy food and sing.


Product Specialist

Natasha is an ENFJ. Most of her free time is spent at the Westside Comedy Theater, where she has been performing improv for four years. She thinks about food a lot (cooking and eating it), loves any dog in the general vicinity, and actively consumes pop culture.


Product & Community Specialist

Gillian is an ENFP, a bicyclist, a loyal servant to her little black cat Smokey, and a big fan of watching things grow and flourish. When she’s not managing the SimplePractice Community and helping our customers build their practices, she’s most likely practicing Kung fu, making a mess in the kitchen, tending to her 50+ houseplants, or playing hardcourt bike polo.


Insurance Specialist

Philip is an ESFJ. His biggest passions are in music and traveling. After seeing bits of Asia and Europe, music is what brought him back to Los Angeles as most of his free time is spent managing a close friend and organizing events for the underground. He enjoys cooking tasty meals for friends and satisfying his sweet tooth.


Product Specialist

Melinda is an ESFP. She is the oldest of seven, so she is a manifestation of chaos. She and her husband own two dogs- one named Bilbo, the other, Bulma, as well as a sweet little Scottish Fold cat named Ludo. In her free time, she loves to walk her dogs and go to concerts.


Product Specialist

Mike is an ENFP. He was born and raised in Orange County, CA. Originally a graduate of Cal-State Fullerton's Radio-TV-Film program, he has most recently been a professional chef and chef instructor teaching cooking classes. He loves animals and spends most of his free time volunteering at the Burbank Animal Shelter.


Product Specialist - SLP

Kelsey is an ENFJ. She received her degree in Speech-Language Pathology and spent her time as a therapist providing speech services to young children in their homes. She enjoys staying active both outdoors and indoors, trying her hand at various activities such as boxing, yoga, and cycling.


Product Specialist

Annie is an ENFP. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in screenwriting and is obsessed with all things movies. When she’s not at work she can be found writing sketches with her sketch group or watching shows at UCB. She loves to read, find new podcasts, and try all of the taco trucks.


Product Specialist

Nora is an ENFP. She loves adventuring outdoors, solving challenging math puzzles, experimenting with film photography, and drawing.


Product Specialist

Avi is an ENFJ. In his free time, he enjoys seeing live music, baking bread, playing guitar, rolling backgammon, and pretty much anything and everything outdoors.


Product Specialist

Liz is an ENFP with an eclectic background in geography and entertainment who believes technology and wellness go hand-in-hand. Born in a Boston blizzard, she's called LA home for the past 12 years. Outside of the office you’ll find this amateur art patron at a gallery, on her bicycle, or working on a novel manuscript.

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We believe that simplicity should be at the core of our products. Our goal is to make secure, powerful, and easy-to-use software that exceeds your expectations.


The idea for SimplePractice came from our desire to build a practice management software product that would be simple, intuitive and easy to use. The core product provides the necessary features to run your practice and help meet the legal and ethical requirements to document treatment and protect patient information. We are deeply committed to working to always improve the user experience and responsibly add features that bring value to the product.